A month-long dive into commercial Video Production

A month-long dive into commercial Video Production

A Unique Learning Experience at H-Farm College

In the heart of the MSC in Production Design and Communication offered by H-FARM College and the University of Chichester, we’ve embarked on a rigorous, month-long journey: a 120-hour class dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of commercial video production. This intensive course, structured into 8-hour days, aims to guide students through the comprehensive world of video creation—from the initial spark of storytelling and scripting, through the intricacies of production design, to the final touches of shooting and post-production. It’s a formidable challenge, designed not just to teach but to transform.


“Everything can fail you. Not Arri” Student project on ARRI , by Gloria Grandesso, Beatrice Pagin, Federico Avezzù Pignatelli di Montecalvo, Costanza Serfilippi Federica Ongaro

Partnerships That Elevate

This year, we were thrilled to collaborate with ARRI , a titan in the industry known for its cutting-edge cameras and lighting equipment. This partnership granted our students the rare opportunity to get hands-on experience with professional-grade cameras, offering a glimpse into the realities of film production. Diadora also generously contributed, providing pairs of their latest Atomo V7000 running shoes for one of our projects. Alongside, other endeavors focusing on brands like Lay’s chips and Marshall’s Willen speaker – who were not contacted. These collaborations not only enriched our resource pool but also expanded the students’ understanding of real-world product representation.


“Sound evolves. Soul remains.” Student project on Marshall Group , by Alessandra Latella, Isabella Anedda, Alexandru Onel, Salvatore Verde .

The Learning Curve in Action

Embarking on a journey through video production presented a steep learning curve for many of our students, most of whom had never navigated a project of this magnitude. The emphasis on set design demanded meticulous planning and storyboarding. With only three days allocated for shooting, efficiency became paramount. We encouraged an extensive research process, guiding students to compile realistic storyboards based on actual images and frames—ensuring a vision that was both ambitious and achievable.


“Blast to the future” Student project on Diadora , by Arianna Mason, Sara Scroccaro, Alberto Gonzalez, Alberto Busetto .

Finding Their Footing with Cutting-Edge Gear

The initial phase of the project proved to be the most daunting. The shock of the first day gradually gave way to a steady rhythm, as students found their flow, embracing the creative process. This evolution from uncertainty to competence underscored the project’s intensive nature but also highlighted the resilience and adaptability of our students. Equipped with every tool necessary for a high-caliber production—including high-end ARRI Signature lenses, dollies, cranes, and a vast array of lighting equipment—students were tasked with mastering these technologies. Understanding which tool best fit the style of their story became a critical component of their learning, enabling them to produce visually compelling and technically sophisticated commercials.


“Wild Taste” Student project on LAYS , Lisa Andreoli, Vanessa Cescon, Priscilla Noya, Sabrina Bruzzo .

Showtime: Beyond the Classroom

The culmination of this hard work was a live presentation attended by the director of the master’s program Luciano Comacchio and representatives from H-Farm College, showcasing the students’ final products. The quality of these commercials surpassed the expectations of student-level work, earning high praise from ARRI and affirming the high caliber of our participants’ creativity and skill. This project stands as a testament to the value of immersive, hands-on education, offering students not just knowledge but a significant addition to their professional portfolios.

As educators, the intense dedication required to guide this course is matched only by the rewarding experience of witnessing our students’ growth. With a year to recharge, we eagerly anticipate the next iteration of this transformative class in 2025, ready to shock another cohort of aspiring filmmakers.

The MSc in Product Design and Communication is offered by H-FARM College and accredited by University of Chichester.

Director Luciano Comacchio

The Video Making course is taught by professors Edoardo and Riccardo Vojvoda of CROMO in partnership with ARRI and in collaboration with Buonavisione in Padova. Special guest Alexander M. Edwards for Storytelling.

Contents created for educational purposes not usable for commercial purposes.

A big thank you to all of this year’s students.

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