Tech age leadership starts with mindset

Tech age leadership starts with mindset

Play your best CARD to be the talent of the future.

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, fostering a growth mindset in students, such as those at H-FARM College, is more crucial than ever. 

Too many times whenever I speak about mindset, I see executives rolling their eyes thinking we are in a kind of fluffy zone. Reality is that this assertion is backed by compelling research and statistics that highlight the pivotal role of a growth mindset in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

A standout report from McKinsey published in October 2023 reveals the significant impact of an innovation culture on corporate performance. 

Companies committed to fostering an innovation mindset and culture, backed by investments in R&D, digital capabilities, analytics, and AI, often surpass their peers

In fact, these innovative outperformers discuss innovation on earnings calls at twice the rate of their peers and have a stronger inclination towards risk-taking, essential traits for success in the modern business environment​​.


Tech age leadership starts with mindset Michela Barcella


The same month, October 2023, the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting reinforced this viewpoint, advocating for the integration of a growth mindset into educational curricula. This need is particularly pronounced in fields influenced by technology, such as accounting. The journal underscores the importance of preparing students for a professional world that is increasingly dynamic and tech-driven​​.

At H-FARM College, our mission extends beyond academic instruction; we aim to equip students with a mindset and skills vital for thriving in a future where soft skills – like adaptability, problem-solving, and innovative thinking – are as crucial as technical know-how.


Tech age leadership starts with mindset Michela Barcella


This approach is in line with the insights from documents like the The Future of Jobs Report 2023, which stresses the escalating importance of soft skills in the future job market. Surprisingly (or perhaps I should say not?), analytical thinking is considered a core skill by more companies than any other skill and constitutes, on average, 9% of the core skills reported by companies. Creative thinking, another cognitive skill, ranks second, ahead of three self-efficacy skills – resilience, flexibility and agility; motivation and self-awareness; and curiosity and lifelong learning – in recognition of the importance of workers’ ability to adapt to disrupted workplaces. 


Tech age leadership starts with mindset Michela Barcella


Rounded profiles will add bigger value to organisations and the McKinsey study gives us a strong hook: during the period between 2017 and 2021, when fewer than one in four companies achieved over 10% annual revenue growth, half of the companies identified as “triple outperformers” in McKinsey’s research reached or exceeded this benchmark. This illustrates that companies focusing on sustainable, inclusive growth, and innovation outperform their peers, a principle that can be translated into educational strategies at H-FARM College​​.

If you are still looking for more evidence about the power of growth mindset, just spend a few minutes reading about the importance of growth mindset in the success of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft. And if you are looking for tangible evidence about the material impact of the mindset change, look at how Microsoft’s share price surged 10-Fold under Satya Nadella leadership.In conclusion. The evidence is undeniable:

 “A growth mindset is not just beneficial but vital in the age of technology.

At H-FARM College, we are dedicated to embedding this mindset in every facet of our teaching, preparing our students not just for the future but to be the architects of it. 

In particular, the Personal Development Program has introduced a new enhancing course in 2023 where I am humbled to be the teacher, which brings our students into the nuances of the growth mindset, the needs and benefits to be a “learn-it-all” shifting from the old paradigm of the “know-it-all”.

In a time where the shelf life of knowledge is less than the time to master it, the only approach is to be a continuous learner, be confident in your ability to learn taking the challenges that the digital revolution is bringing. If you like the idea, why not think about becoming a Farmer.

“What does it take to be a Farmer?”

You are the most important condition. You play your best CARD (hint: it’s not your score). We search for profiles that are Curious, Adaptive, Resourceful and Driven. These are the characteristics we appreciate the most. We will help you by adding our own ingredients for your success, entrepreneurial spirit, growth mindset, team working & collaboration, and knowledge

This is the distinctive mix of qualities that will make you ready for any possible future.

If you haven’t done it yet, reach out to H-FARM College and spark a conversation about your future.  


Michela Barcella, Personal Development Program Professor of Practice

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