Future-oriented university education

Future-oriented university education

A few days ago, while I was looking at the latest data released by the Ministry of University and Research on the dropout rate of university students in Italy, I felt mixed emotions. Strong concern, first of all, because the numbers are not comforting.

If, in the 2016-2017 academic year the dropout rate from university studies was 6.1%, six years later it became 7.1%, one of the highest in recent years, with a percentage of 7.3% among male students and 7 % of women. Even the most recent Eurostat data relating to “Early leavers” demonstrate that Italy stands out, but negatively, among EU countries.

Rising statistics that keep me awake at night making me reflect on the Italian university system and above all on the commitment that we, as H-FARM Education, put into accompanying young people on their growth path every day.

If we look more closely at the phenomenon of university dropouts, we discover that there are many reasons that push young people to give up their studies: the lack of orientation and tutoring programmes, poor psychological support services, economic difficulties, a university environment which is not always attractive and which fails to adequately prepare young people for entry into the world of work.


antonello barbaro future oriented university education article


In this scenario, how can we really help the new generations and ensure that they can build their professional and life path, step by step?


antonello barbaro future oriented university education article


The Italian university system has its roots in centuries of history. At H-FARM College, starting from the solid academic tradition that our country boasts, we strive every day to ensure that education adapts to a rapidly evolving world in which technology and innovation advance at the speed of light.

In fact, changes give rise to new opportunities and challenges that involve everyone, as a society. This is why our Mission is and will always be to guide learners, starting from their university years, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, network and mindset to navigate today and tomorrow’s world, leveraging technology progress for positive social and economic impact.


antonello barbaro future oriented university education article


More than a Mission, it is an honor and a responsibility that fills me with pride and motivates me to work every day.

Our commitment results into concrete actions to be alongside young people throughout their training process.

Even before their entry into College, we involve fourth and fifth grade students in orientation activities, accompanying them towards an informed and conscious choice. During the enrollment phase, our Admission team offers support and assistance with one-to-one interviews and dedicated initiatives.

Once enrolled, we hope that every student thinks of H-FARM College as a safe place to learn, test themselves and build their future. We want none of them to ever feel like a number: the growth, dreams and ambitions of each one are and will always be our priority.

In addition to offering a psychological help and counselling service, we have activated a personal development program – the Personal Development Program – which, with the support of tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and coaching sessions, allows young people to know and enhance their strengths, to make the most of them also and above all in relationships with the world around them.

Our faculty is made up of teachers with international experience, some in the academic field, some as managers, startuppers or consultants. Thanks to direct contact with the business world and continuous exchange with companies, our courses are designed to respond to real needs of the world of work. To allow students to increase their employability and prepare for the world of work in an increasingly complex, changing and competitive market, we offer numerous placement opportunities: from on-campus jobs to internships, through networking opportunities with experts from different sectors .

I think this fast-changing world needs more and more educational institutes that put students – with their thoughts, aspirations and needs – at the center. That’s what we try to do at H-FARM College every single day. 

If you haven’t done it yet, reach out to us and spark a conversation about your future.


Antonello Barbaro, CEO H-FARM Education 

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