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Partnership signed between TETR College of Business and H-FARM College Leggi di più
15 May 2024
As part of the partnership between H-FARM College and TETR College of Business, a first-of-its-kind …
H-FARM College, il nostro saluto a Mario Leggi di più
11 May 2024
Tutta la comunità di H-FARM College e di H-FARM è unita nel ricordo di Mario, nostro studente del c…
FutureShots 2024: two workshops on content creation Leggi di più
7 May 2024
On Saturday, 11 May, on the occasion of H-FARM’s innovation festival FutureShots 2024, we will…
Internship project – Angelica Leggi di più
4 May 2024
Let’s delve into an internship project where creativity and AI collaborated hand in hand. 🤝 Angelica…
Summer Programs 2024 Leggi di più
3 May 2024
For summer 2024 H-FARM College launches the Summer Programs offer with courses on topics at the cros…
Learning at H-FARM College: Public Speaking and Debating Skills Leggi di più
22 April 2024
Public speaking comes naturally to some, while for others, it can be a difficult  task.  At H-FARM C…
Agritech, climate transition and sustainability: applications open for the 2024 edition of MAGICA Summer School Leggi di più
22 April 2024
As part of MAGICA – Horizon Europe Coordination and Supporting Action financed by the HORIZON-CL5-20…
The Adecco Group’s special electric van stopped by our Campus Leggi di più
17 April 2024
If you had the chance to lead a leading national group and inspire over 3,000 people in Italy, would…
A month-long dive into commercial Video Production Leggi di più
28 March 2024
A Unique Learning Experience at H-Farm College In the heart of the MSC in Production Design and …
H-FARM College and Spark together for an entrepreneurship hackathon aimed at young students in São Paulo Leggi di più
28 March 2024
La scorsa settimana durante il nostro Brazilian Roadshow abbiamo avuto il piacere di guidare un work…
Are you ready for the knowledge age? Leggi di più
26 March 2024
In 2022 Forbes said that having the “right” degree or experience in a particular field doesn’t guara…
Economics and Finance as Universal Languages Leggi di più
21 March 2024
In the last 20 years, events such as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis), the Covid-19 pandemic and th…
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