Il nostro network

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Enter H-FARM College and discover our growing network made of companies, institutions and organizations across the world.

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Universities abroad

We strongly believe in the value of being international.

Every day we create connections that can generate value and offer learning opportunities that go beyond borders, for our students and for those who choose us.

Learning Partners

Thanks to our direct contacts with the world of business and the continual exchange which happens with companies, our courses are designed to reflect the real needs within the world of work. These connections enable us to respond directly to the market by conversing with competent professional figures, making our work relevant and efficient within a realistic time frame.


Much more than simple sponsors: the companies that support us are real “traveling companions” with whom we share values, ideas and dreams. We are grateful to them because, believing in our work, they help us make H-FARM College’s goals come true.


To appreciate talent and to help it to grow is fundamental but it is just as important to identify, choose and grasp the job opportunities which best relate to every student’s own values, aspirations, abilities and expectations. Studying at H-FARM College means coming into contact with our network of companies and building your career path, day by day.



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