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MAGICA Summer School: AgriTech, Climate Transition and Sustainability Leggi di più
9 July 2024
From 1 to 5 July we hosted 19 students from all over the world for an important European project on …
Exploring The World of Artificial Intelligence Leggi di più
4 July 2024
The summer program “The World of Artificial Intelligence: The Impact on Marketing and Creativi…
Cultivating the new generations of entrepreneurs Leggi di più
2 July 2024
We are happy to announce a groundbreaking, new partnership with Friends of Bata, the social impact p…
Lumina Summer School: what a journey…! Leggi di più
1 July 2024
From June 24 to 28, the 2024 edition of Lumina Summer School took place at H-FARM College.  As this …
The choice is yours: compete or collaborate? Leggi di più
1 July 2024
Learning at H-FARM College: 3D Fashion Design Leggi di più
19 June 2024
Learning by doing is one of our most important pillars: during the course 3D Fashion Design, student…
Internship project – the story of Giacomo Leggi di più
18 June 2024
Today let’s meet Giacomo, former student of the BSc in Digital Management. In this video, he talks a…
H-FARM College just landed on Spotify! Leggi di più
17 June 2024
Hai sentito la novità? Siamo su Spotify! Che tu voglia trovare la concentrazione, lasciarti ispirare…
WPP is the unique sponsor of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics Leggi di più
13 June 2024
Creative thinking ranks first in the top 10 skills that will be most requested by 2027 according to …
The choice is yours: study or learn? Leggi di più
10 June 2024
Learning at H-FARM College: Introduction to Economics Leggi di più
6 June 2024
Thanks to the “Introduction to economics” curricular course, first-year Digital Manageme…
We’ve welcomed a delegation from Wuhan University Leggi di più
4 June 2024
Today we’ve welcomed a delegation of seven members from Wuhan University guided by its Preside…
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