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H-FARM students during a workshop
H-FARM students work on their club projects
H-FARM student in a workshop
Club members of H-FARM enjoy the workshop

Over years, H-FARM College students have launched many clubs on different topics:


This club has the goal of raising awareness of blood donation, with the broader aim of promoting good health practices and reaching out to people in need.

Sport club

The mission of the club is to create an environment in which its members and more in general all the H-FARM students can get in touch with major personalities and brands that work in the sports industry. At the same time, the club wants to promote physical exercise with events such as sports tournaments and matches.


This club was born to raise awareness about mental health and personal growth; it’s a platform that allows people to have easier and safer connections with psychologists and mental coaches, bringing the true “Key” Values to everyone’s life.


We watch movies to dream a thousand different ways to live. H-Movie Club aims to build diverse moments for dreamers, who are looking for unusual fun facts to feed their curiosity: how much of the everyday reality is inside the cinematographic scene? Our favorite word is “contamination”, so we bring a little of everything into our Thursday nights and Events: if you love movies or parties, you belong with us!

H-MTB Team

Mountainbike is not widely known here in Italy and it has been spreading only in the last years.Our mission is to create a student team where they can spend time talking about this sport, watching races and enjoying theoretical topics talks and discussions. Furthermore we will do lots of technical riding lessons, trainings, chill rides and other types of activities. In conclusion, we want to increase the awareness of Mountainbike as it is a healthy and fantastic sport: it keeps you in touch with nature and let you escape from everyday stressful life.

H-MTB Team
impact club

The mission is to understand how business and financial models, political systems and not-for-profit organizations can bring on a positive impact on society in the long run. Impact’s main goals, within cultural development, include promoting and exploring new, unconventional ways of facing social challenges on a local and global level.


The mission is to build an inclusive community of music lovers, to provide a space for creating and recording music, and also for translating lyrics. Here at H-FARM, we develop not only the music but also the soul.


This club has the goal to empower young people by making them active citizens in today’s world. It’s not just about finding your passion, your path, or your dream job. It’s about learning how to shape your mindset.


This club aims to create an in-campus community of bodyweight workout. The main activities include high-bars, gymnastic rings and parallel bars in order to train strength, flexibility and hand balance. At the same time, the club wants to promote meetings and discussions about fitness, sport and healthy nutrition, with the possibility of organizing events with sports experts.


This club wants to give students the opportunity to explore the world of venture capital with practical skills and to give them the knowledge for a possible development of a startup. CAMPUS CATALYST VENTURES proposes meetings with people working directly in venture capital funds/open innovation departments and lectures from subject matter experts, including startup founders and people who work in incubators and accelerators.


H-ACKER is a club dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in AI, Machine Learning, programming, robotics, and other emerging technologies. Whether through hands-on projects, group discussions, or presentations, we seek to help our members gain a deeper understanding of these technologies and their potential impact on society. Overall, our goal is to create a community that is engaged, informed, and excited about the future of AI, Machine Learning, programming, robotics, and other new technologies. We welcome anyone who shares our passion and enthusiasm to join us on this journey of discovery and exploration.


The club is focused on the interaction among H-farm members based on their cultural backgrounds and unique experiences, for broadening creativity and critical thinking. We want to excite H-FARM members to discover other cultures and exchange experiences, in order to create a supportive community for foreign students and to give international students the opportunity to express and share their culture. We are open to organize events related to cultures also with other H-FARM institutions. Our slogan is: ‘ExpAnd your horizon!’


We’re a group of passionate college students who want to share their thoughts and ideas on important topics, our passions and interests, as well as what happens on our Campus. Discover more


The club is focused on the personal wellbeing of students: We look forward to creating a free zone in which people can feel free to discuss topics related to youth issues and sexuality with the help of skilled insiders.


The mission is to create an active community in which people can meet each other, share their interest in chess and have fun.

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