Entrepreunership & Startup Center

A Hub designed for young innovators dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship and startups.
In its first 10 years of history, H-FARM has played a pioneering role in the European ecosystem of Entrepreneurship and Startups, both as an Accelerator and as a pre-Seed and Seed investor. The themes of entrepreneurship and startups are part of H-FARM’s DNA and have played a key role in the continuous evolution and growth of the Campus and will play a fundamental role in our future programs, methods, and activities developed by H-FARM Education.

The new Entrepreneurship & Startup Center is born to give young aspiring entrepreneurs the tools and resources to transform their ideas into startups, leveraging over 15 years of experience in the world of acceleration and entrepreneurship. It also provides access to the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), of which H-FARM itself has been a part since 2013.

Over the years, the model that has involved us in supporting young startups has evolved from an incubation model, soon becoming an acceleration model, then focusing on Open Innovation, and now reaching the current model.

The Entrepreneurship & Startup Center designs and manages programs, courses, investments, and events in the Campus ecosystem.

1 Startup unicorn
10 Startup exit
30M+ Investments in startups
20+ Acceleration programs
€350K In average fundraising (post-program)
140+ Startups accelerated
55+ Investment partners
65+ Corporate partners
300+ Mentors and experts

Entrepreneurship Education Programs

We train students by imparting key skills and methods specific to the startup world through specific academic courses and extracurricular courses (Enhancing) within H-FARM College programs. We also promote co-design through collaboration with Business Schools and Executive Education. The goal is to provide entrepreneurial skills such as adaptability, business model implementation, analysis of financial needs and funding sources, economic and financial feasibility of the project and investments, and attention to the conditions and opportunities related to corporate and tax regulations.

Pre-acceleration Programs

A true pre-acceleration program that repeats three times a year and provides selected student teams with concrete tools to transform their entrepreneurial ideas into a startup ready to access the world’s best acceleration and investment programs. In this context, students learn skills to generate new ideas and secure funding.

Discussion at the Startup Center in H-FARM
Students outside the Startup Center in H-FARM

Acceleration Programs

The Center manages world-class startup acceleration programs, including the FuturED program with CDP (Cassa Deposito e Prestiti) and a series of pre-acceleration programs specifically designed for H-FARM students in collaboration with our institutional partners. Selected startups are involved in an 8-month growth journey, with 4 months focused on business acceleration and 4 months supporting business development activities and fundraising. Thanks to collaboration with industrial partners, startups will be able to test their solutions in real contexts.

Investment Programs

We invest in the most interesting startups born and grown within the H-FARM ecosystem and connect them with a network of companies and investors to support their growth in the international market.

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