MASTER’S DEGREE International Business


To be a manager today, it is necessary to have a diverse and differentiated set of skills: not only theoretical hard skills but, above all, developed and consolidated soft skills.

Companies are indeed looking for individuals with business and project management skills, as well as interpersonal abilities, which are essential for leading a company.


H-FARM College


University of Chichester


Master’s Degree


Full time 12 months




H-FARM Campus – Roncade (TV)


€15.500,00 per year

hfarm college master graduation
of the students complete the program within the expected timeframe.
of the students receive a job offer from the company where they completed their internship.
the average graduation grade
meetings with guest speakers, startups, and CEOs every year
of the students who decide to work after graduation, find employment within 6 months

This program provides students with a broad overview of key skills and challenges related to international business management, strategic management, digital transformation, and marketing.

The course modules cover fundamental concepts, theories, and practices related to international business management, global operations and supply chain management, digital technologies, and marketing. Students will have the opportunity to explore both individual and group approaches.


You will find information about the requirements, selection process, and relevant timelines in the Admission Notice.

Entry requirements


Students who wish to apply for the Master’s Degree in International Business must:

  • Hold a university degree in an appropriate field obtained from an Italian university (Bachelor’s degree).
  • Be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program at an Italian university and have completed at least 110 ECTS credits at the time of application.
  • Have completed a course of study abroad and possess a foreign degree recognized as suitable for admission.


To enroll, candidates must have a language certification at an appropriate level. The accepted certifications are listed in the application notice.

In some cases, it may be possible to access the course even in the absence of a certified English level. The accepted exemptions are listed in the application notice. The candidate must complete the exemption form available at this link and submit it during the online application.

Deadline for submitting missing documents

Any documents not submitted during the application phase must be provided by the following deadlines:

Degree Certificate: December 31, 2024
English Certificate: December 31, 2024

For more information, please refer to the admission notice.

The admission process

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
STEP 1 – Online application

You can apply through the form available on this page. During this process, you will need to provide various pieces of information, including:

  • Your personal details.
  • Your degree certificate with the exam transcript, or if you’re still studying at the time of application, a certificate of enrollment with the exam transcript.
  • A motivational video – refer to the guide published on our website.
  • Your curriculum vitae in English.
  • The English language certificate (if you already have one).
STEP 2 – Interview

After submitting your online application, you will be contacted by the Admissions Team to schedule your motivational interview, which will be conducted in English. The interviews will take place on the dates specified in the application guidelines.

During the interview phase, your motivation, academic and extracurricular experiences will be assessed, and your English proficiency will also be evaluated.

Candidates who are deemed eligible for admission but have insufficient English language skills during the interview may be asked to provide a B2 level certification by August 31st. Failure to provide the certification within the specified deadline may result in the inability to proceed with enrollment.

STEP 3 – Application results

After the interview, you will receive the outcome of your application via email.

STEP 4 – Pre-enrollment or enrollment

Admitted candidates will have the opportunity to accept their spot and proceed with pre-enrollment or enrollment, depending on the case, as indicated below:

ROUNDS 1, 2, and 3 – Admitted candidates can pre-enroll in the course by:

Completing the pre-enrollment form received via email.
Paying the deposit for the first installment of the tuition fee for the year 2024/2025.

IN THE OTHER ROUNDS – Admitted candidates can enroll in the course by:

Completing the enrollment form received via email.
Paying the first installment of the tuition fees for the academic year 2024/2025.

International Candidates

Please note that all candidates who have not followed a traditional Italian educational path are considered international students. In such cases, you will need to undergo a prior verification of your academic qualifications.

Please contact us at for further information.

Application Timeline

For the academic year 2024/25, there will be 5 application rounds with the deadlines as indicated in the table below.

  • Online Application
  • Interview
  • Outcomes
  • Pre-enrollment
  • Enrollment
  • 1 ROUND
  • 06/11 – 14/01
  • 16/01
  • 18/01
  • by 01/02
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 2 ROUND
  • 15/01 – 14/03
  • 18/03
  • 20/03
  • by 03/04
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 3 ROUND
  • 15/03 – 14/05
  • 16/05
  • 20/05
  • by 03/06
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 4 ROUND
  • 15/05 – 30/06
  • 02/07
  • 04/07
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 5 ROUND
  • 01/07 – 31/07
  • 02/08
  • 06/08
  • by 20/08
  • 01/08 – 11/10
  • Rolling
  • The day after the interview
  • within 3 days from the results (and by 16/10)
Tuition & Financing
Fees and payment methods

The fee for the Master’s Degree in International Business for the academic year 2024/25 is €15,500. You can pay this fee in three installments according to the following schedule:


€5,700 (€800 + €4,900 if you decide to pre-enroll) to be paid during the enrollment process.


€4,900 to be paid by January 15, 2025.


€4,900 to be paid by May 15, 2025.

Admitted candidates will be eligible for the following discounts:

10% discount assigned in chronological order to the first group of 5 admitted candidates who confirm their spot in the program through the enrollment or pre-enrollment procedure.

The fee to be paid will be €13,950 instead of €15,500, and the payment will occur in 3 installments:


€5,184 (€800 + €4,384 if you decide to pre-enroll) to be paid during the enrollment procedure.


€4,383 to be paid by January 15, 2024.


€4,383 to be paid by May 15, 2024.

1 rata:

€4.924 (€800 + €4.124 se decidi di pre-immatricolarti) da pagare durante la procedura di immatricolazione

2 rata:

€4.123 da pagare entro il 15 Gennaio 2024

3 rata:

€4.123 da pagare entro il 15 Maggio 2024

1 rata:

€5.184 (€800 + €4.384 se decidi di pre-immatricolarti) da pagare durante la procedura di immatricolazione

2 rata:

€4.383 da pagare entro il 15 Gennaio 2024

3 rata:

€4.383 da pagare entro il 15 Maggio 2024

A student who pays the tuition fees after the indicated deadline in the contract will incur progressively in a penalty of €100 from the first day to the tenth day after the deadline; a penalty of €200 from the eleventh to the twentieth day after the deadline; a penalty of €200 and a block on the University career from the twenty-first day after the deadline onwards.

Financing options

Discover funding and benefits for H-FARM College academic programs.

Intesa Sanpaolo
Finanziamento “Per Merito”
Finanziamento “Futuriamo”
The program

The modules of the Master’s in International Business are designed to provide a strong foundation in the field of global business skills, preparing students to understand and address the rapidly evolving challenges of the international business world.

Students will build a solid theoretical foundation and be able to apply the knowledge gained in real business situations. Upon completion of the master’s program, they will have the skills required to create successful international business strategies, effectively utilize digital technologies, and adapt to global market challenges.

The Master’s Degree in International Business Curriculum

Organization & People Management in multicultural environments – 10 ECTS

In this module, students will explore key concepts, theories, and practices related to the management of businesses and their workforce, set within an international and therefore multicultural context.

International business is a complex and dynamic context in which to operate. As soon as you cross a border, companies and managers will need to be aware of and address diverse cultures both within (and outside) the corporate perimeter.

Students will learn to understand how the various and extensive risks (both macro and micro) associated with operating and managing businesses at an international level must be proactively and reactively managed.

This module focuses on the importance of people as a path to organizational success. In particular, the module will examine key contextual issues related to globalization, diversity, and intercultural management.

International Strategic Management – 10 ECTS

International Strategic Management can be considered as a planning process designed to develop an outward-focused international strategy with the goal of achieving a “strategic fit” between the organization’s capabilities and resources and the global environment in which it tends to operate.

It is a dynamic process that, when completed correctly, will enable organizations to compete and succeed in an international setting. Students will develop a deep understanding of the key themes and challenges related to creating and implementing international business strategies.

Students will study key theories and approaches in the field of international business, entry strategies into foreign markets, global business strategies, organizational structures, and issues related to global sourcing. These theoretical foundations will then be further explored with examples from various sectors and industries.

The concept of risk mitigation and management will also be considered in the international context.

Global Operations and Supply Chain – 10 ECTS

Global operations and the supply chain aim to combine activities that create goods and services. Every organization produces a form of goods or services, or often a combination of both. How businesses create these outputs can be a source of strategic advantage or, if done poorly, can lead to an inability to compete successfully.

The inputs that drive and support the aforementioned processes are backed by a supply chain. It is important to note that digital technologies are transforming how operations and supply chain management deliver value to the customer and the organization.

Effective management is responsible for the efficient transformation of inputs (labor, capital, materials, etc.) into valuable outputs (goods and services). In most organizations, supply chain management is a part of operations management; operations management is generally seen as an internal process, while supply chain management has an external, increasingly global focus.

This module will consider the impact of strategic decisions in this area and how such decisions can lead to a more internationally competitive organization. The module will also explore how innovations in digital technologies are changing the competitive landscape in this critical area.

Digital Transformation Strategy – 10 ECTS

Digital technologies are transforming the way individuals and organizations conduct business. This module will enable students to understand how developments in information systems, Internet-based and mobile communication technologies are leading to radical changes in the economic landscape, business models, and growth strategies of organizations. Through this understanding, students will appreciate how to address the strategic opportunities and challenges presented by digital technologies in an increasingly digitally driven business world.

The module explores the impact of digital technology on business in a range of significant scenarios. Subsequently, it considers current trends and forecasts of technological development and how this will lead to further disruptions and transformations. The focus of the module is on how individuals and managers respond to the challenges by developing strategies, guiding transformation and change, and developing their own skills to compete in the digital world.

Students will assume various roles and perspectives to analyze ongoing transformation cases in the competitive environment. They will need to assess scenarios and evaluate options to anticipate or cause disruptions. The cases will be based on current competitive contexts. Students will take on the roles of CEOs, CIOs, HRDs, CMOs, and will need to propose options.

Digital Strategies & Digital Marketing – 10 ECTS

Marketing is the primary guiding function in every organization, in every sector, as it determines the organization’s direction in the vastness of global markets. Marketing has changed significantly with the advent of the Internet and digital technologies; the number of touchpoints has multiplied, and the customer’s buying process has become more complex and fluid. Marketing, at its core, creates and retains customers through distinctive brand positioning and the most effective use of every touchpoint. It combines rational techniques with creativity and requires an open approach to business.

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of marketing strategy and how to apply them in the market. They will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role touchpoints play in influencing and guiding customers in their purchasing decisions. Digital marketing is an integral part of every lesson, without neglecting analog touchpoints that still play a key role in every omnichannel marketing plan.

We will apply theory to different industries to compare them and find cross-industry benchmarks, simulate real business cases to understand the business reality, and explore new disruptive business models by working dynamically, alternating theory with group work and open discussions on the day’s cases.

Business Research Project –

An experiential module designed to create and develop an original project/solution, either as an entrepreneurial project (startup) or as a project within a company contributing to open innovation processes. The module consists of both theoretical and practical components: students will work individually and in groups on a practical project, drawing on the skills and knowledge acquired during various theoretical classes and workshops provided by professionals and tutors.

This module is designed leveraging H-FARM’s experience in working alongside highly promising entrepreneurs in conceiving, developing, and launching their initiatives. Since 2005, H-FARM has been managing numerous startup acceleration and incubation programs, often in partnership with leading companies and brands, supporting hundreds of startups with a unique “acceleration platform” consisting of methods, resources, a network of mentors and investors, and managed by a talented team.

What differentiate us
Enhancing Courses

The Enhancing Courses are a series of extra-curricular courses that complement the knowledge provided by their academic program with practical skills of broad application. Students will learn to understand their skills profile, cultivate a personal learning agenda, and develop a set of knowledge and skills useful for understanding companies’ needs.


ENHANCING COURSES – 1st semester:


Research Methods

One course of your choice among:

  • Creation at light speed: Mastering the Art of Building PoCs and MVPs
  • Innovation in the Digital Age: Mastering the Art of Business Models
  • The Exponential Future – Next 10’000 days

ENHANCING COURSES – 2nd semester:

Strategic Finance: Planning and Raising Funds for Success

One course of your choice among:

  • Excel
  • Public Speaking  
  • Think Visually
Startup Mindset

We believe that the same skills and abilities essential for starting a startup, such as leadership, problem-solving, resilience, strategy, risk-taking, and continuous learning, are valuable in any career path. Through a combination of theoretical and practical learning, students gain insights, methodology, and tools that can help them succeed as entrepreneurs and in any other profession. Our study programs are ideal for those looking to develop a versatile and comprehensive skill set.

Students of H-FARM's Media Agency, FARMedia
Two students of H-FARM participate in FutureShots 23
H-FARM students host the radio
Students brainstorm ideas at H-FARM

Our faculty consists of internationally experienced instructors, some from academia, and others with backgrounds as managers, entrepreneurs, or consultants. Our partners are leaders in their respective fields, and our alumni are innovators in their workplaces. To provide our students with the best opportunities to connect with this community, we have created a unique 360-degree learning experience. Students learn through continuous engagement and the exchange of knowledge and experiences with guest speakers and prominent figures, group projects, case studies, challenges, hackathons, events, networking opportunities, and inspirational talks.

Career outcomes
Job on Campus
At H-FARM College, students can seize various “LEARNING ON THE JOB” opportunities to enhance their employability and develop an entrepreneurial mindset for greater success.

There are numerous “JOB ON CAMPUS” positions available, providing opportunities for students to get involved, develop useful skills, and earn income during their university years (examples of open positions: library supervisor, student tutor, operational assistant, etc.). Additionally, students can apply to join the LUMINA team, an agency structured like a real consulting firm, designed to allow students to experience typical consultancy activities. Within LUMINA, professionals and faculty members from H-FARM College act as mentors, supporting the development of young people’s entrepreneurial mindset. Students can also be selected to join the FARMEDIA team, a media agency that enables students to perform activities typical of the digital communication industry.

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