Leaders, industry experts, communicators, and enthusiasts: discover the members of the Faculty at H-FARM College.


We believe in the importance of investing in faculty members who embody the “Learn-it-all” mindset.

Our educators are not just teachers; they are leaders, industry experts, communicators, and enthusiasts.

The faculty at H-FARM College continuously strive to promote a culture of growth, seeking new approaches and methodologies to enrich our students’ experience.

In addition to providing a solid academic education, our faculty offers personal support and an inclusive environment that fosters the growth and individual development of each student.

Alessandro Adriani Link
Alessandro Adriani
Emanuele Aliverti Link
Emanuele Aliverti
Nicolò Andreula Link
Nicolò Andreula
Alberto Antinucci Link
Alberto Antinucci
Kathlin Argiro Link
Kathlin Argiro
Pietro Bagnasco Link
Pietro Bagnasco
Mattia Balsamini Link
Mattia Balsamini
Erika Banzato Link
Erika Banzato
Elisa Barbieri Link
Elisa Barbieri
Federico Barbieri Link
Federico Barbieri
Michela Barcella Link
Michela Barcella
Pietro Belloni Link
Pietro Belloni
Leonardo Benuzzi Link
Leonardo Benuzzi
Maurizio Binelli Link
Maurizio Binelli
Nur Suhaili Binti Ramli Link
Nur Suhaili Binti Ramli
Laura Bordin Link
Laura Bordin
Roshan Borsato Link
Roshan Borsato
Agata Brilli Link
Agata Brilli
Andrea Bulgarini D’Elci Link
Andrea Bulgarini D’Elci
Leonardo Buzzavo Link
Leonardo Buzzavo
Anna Cacciaguerra Link
Anna Cacciaguerra
Stefania Cacciola Link
Stefania Cacciola
Gianluca Caiazza Link
Gianluca Caiazza
Maddalena Campioni Link
Maddalena Campioni
Sebastiano Cattaruzzo Link
Sebastiano Cattaruzzo
Federico Cedrone Link
Federico Cedrone
Luciana Cezarino Link
Luciana Cezarino
Luciano Comacchio Link
Luciano Comacchio
Lorenzo Congiu Link
Lorenzo Congiu
Gabriele Corazza Link
Gabriele Corazza
Luca Cosmo Link
Luca Cosmo
Lisa Crosato Link
Lisa Crosato
Laura Dall’Ora Link
Laura Dall’Ora
Pierluigi Fasano Link
Pierluigi Fasano
Luca Fattore Link
Luca Fattore
Luca Fontana Link
Luca Fontana
Pietro Ferrara Link
Pietro Ferrara
Roberto Ferretti Link
Roberto Ferretti
Marco Formentin Link
Marco Formentin
Massimiliano Franz Link
Massimiliano Franz
Massimiliano Fusari Link
Massimiliano Fusari
Gloria Gardenal Link
Gloria Gardenal
Federica Giummolè Link
Federica Giummolè
Duncan Grant Link
Duncan Grant
Tommaso Granziol Link
Tommaso Granziol
Andreas Hinterhuber Link
Andreas Hinterhuber
Erisa Ibrahimi Link
Erisa Ibrahimi
Pietro Lanzini Link
Pietro Lanzini
Serena Leonardi Link
Serena Leonardi
Alessandra Lomonaco Link
Alessandra Lomonaco
Federica Lucchetta Link
Federica Lucchetta
Leonardo Maccari Link
Leonardo Maccari
Pierluigi Mainardi Link
Pierluigi Mainardi
Marianna Manfrino Link
Marianna Manfrino
Maurizio Massaro Link
Maurizio Massaro
Nicola Mazzari Link
Nicola Mazzari
Alessandra Melonio Link
Alessandra Melonio
Massimo Melucci Link
Massimo Melucci
Matteo Morassut Link
Matteo Morassut
Andrea Moretti Link
Andrea Moretti
Timothy O’Connell Link
Timothy O’Connell
Luca Olivieri Link
Luca Olivieri
Giacomo Pasini Link
Giacomo Pasini
Alessandro Petrillo Link
Alessandro Petrillo
Mara Pistellato Link
Mara Pistellato
Diego Pizzocaro Link
Diego Pizzocaro
Jacopo Pompilii Link
Jacopo Pompilii
Maurizio Polese Link
Maurizio Polese
Elena Raviola Link
Elena Raviola
Dalila Ressi Link
Dalila Ressi
Andrea Rizzi Link
Andrea Rizzi
Salvatore Russo Link
Salvatore Russo
Lorenzo Schiavon Link
Lorenzo Schiavon
Benjamin Sutherland Link
Benjamin Sutherland
Nicole Tabasso Link
Nicole Tabasso
Emanuele Taufer Link
Emanuele Taufer
Raffaele Testorelli Link
Raffaele Testorelli
Zeno Tosoni Link
Zeno Tosoni
Marco Verbano Link
Marco Verbano
Edoardo Vojvoda Link
Edoardo Vojvoda
Riccardo Vojvoda Link
Riccardo Vojvoda
Giuliano Zanchi Link
Giuliano Zanchi
Filippo Zanella Link
Filippo Zanella
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