Internship Programme at H-FARM College

H-FARM students interact with company representatives on Career Day

Our Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees include, at the end of the academic path, a mandatory period of internship in a company.

The internship is a fundamental moment in the students’ educational path and, at the same time, for host companies and organizations it is an opportunity to evaluate the skills of any new resources to be hired.

The Career Service offers a wide range of internship and placement projects in prestigious Italian and international realities, in Italy or abroad.

For the students of our Bachelor’s degrees, this period coincides with the whole last semester of the last year (from January to June) whereas for the students of our Master’s courses the internship starts in May and lasts for 3 to 6 months.

Business report

Upon completion of the experiential term, i.e. the final period of the study program (internship – pre-accelerator – dissertation), the student prepares and presents a business report.

Company partner

Is your company interested in activating an internship with H-FARM College students?

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