We are the Institute for undergraduate and postgraduate education of H-FARM, Venture Builder spreading the culture of digital innovation since 2005.

We believe the education system needs to adapt to a fast-changing world where technology and innovation are advancing at an unprecedented rate. These rapid changes bring new opportunities, challenges and concerns that must be addressed in order to build a positive future for all.

Our Mission is to guide learners, starting from their university years, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, network and mindset to navigate today and tomorrow’s world, leveraging technology progress for positive social and economic impact.

We are a community of Lifelong Learners and our programs are designed for people willing to develop a mindset that sees continuous learning as an extraordinary opportunity to grow and improve.

Graduation of H-FARM students

Our Education Approach

Our education approach is built on three pillars:

  • Academic Program: the courses are designed in line with the highest academic standards;
  • Enhancing Program: a list of extracurricular courses aimed at providing students with a comprehensive set of skills that are essential for today’s and tomorrow job market;
  • Personal Development Program: a set of activities to help students become the best version of themselves.

More than studying

All our courses are dynamic, hands-on learning experiences, combining theory and practice and reflecting the real needs of the world of work.

Here you will be able to develop an open mindset, fuel your curiosity and compare yourself every day with experts from different sectors.


A community of Lifelong Learners

An international network

Our courses are designed in partnership with some of the best universities and business schools in the world and with leading companies in their reference sectors.

Students of H-FARM working on their startup ideas
H-FARM members in graduation
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