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Why a Student Enhancing Program

The Student Enhancing Program is designed to help students develop and enhance the hard and soft skills most in demand in the job market.

In addition to the curricular course program, H-FARM College offers a wide range of Enhancing Courses on frontier topics such as metaverse, NFT, AI, blockchain, data analytics and many others.

The Enhancing offer is divided into compulsory courses – “mandatory” – that all students must attend to increase the value of engagement and their core skills. In addition to the mandatory courses, “recommended” Enhancing courses are available, which offer opportunities for in-depth study and specialization in specific areas.

The Enhancing Courses are certified by an Open Badge which is issued at the end of the course upon passing the exam: an added value for your CV.

Total Learning Time

The Total Learning Time is given by the sum of curricular courses and Enhancing Courses and is specific for each study path. The overall time that the student dedicates to learning clearly does not stop just at the hours spent in the classroom but also concerns individual study, the time spent on homework, exercises, group work and other related extracurricular activities.

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The core:
“Knowledge Foundation”

This area focuses on the development of fundamental skills such as research methods, data analysis, critical thinking and the use of professionally useful tools.

Business English
Research Methods
Excel: Zero to Hero
Data SQL: Zero to Hero
Machine Learning: Zero to Hero
Introduction to AI
Growth Mindset

Digital Native:
“Entrepreneurial mindset & business models”

This area focuses on acquiring digital skills needed in today’s technological age. It includes mastery of digital tools, management of information and digital communication, cybersecurity, new horizons of fintech.

Omnichannel: dealing with complex strategies
From Ideation to Presentation: Mastering the Art of Business Creation
Innovation in the Digital Age: Mastering the Art of Business Models
Creation at lightspeed: Mastering the Art of Building PoCs and MVPs
Strategic Finance: Planning and Raising Funds for Success

“Communicate & Lead with impact”

This area focuses on the development of transversal skills that allow you to emerge and stand out from others. It includes skills such as leadership, public speaking, lateral thinking, creativity and innovation.

Presentation skills, techniques & tools
Think visually, communicate strategically
Leadership and influencing
Public speaking and debating skills

“A glance into the future”

 This area focuses on the skills needed to face the ever-changing future. It includes flexibility, continuous learning, awareness of new trends and the ability to manage change.

Foresight and future scenario analysis
The Exponential Future – Next 10’000 days
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Generative AI, prompt engineering
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