Learning on the Job

To support the growth and success of our students in terms of employability, we provide numerous opportunities for “learning on the job”.

From internships and placements at prestigious organizations, both in Italy and abroad, to pre-acceleration programs to develop one’s entrepreneurial idea within the Entrepreneurship & Startup Center, to “Job on Campus” initiatives for engaging in real projects.

In short, if you’re eager to put yourself to the test, you’re in the right place.

Internship Programme

The internship allows you to acquire professional skills through practical experience in the company. Our Career Service will be at your side to identify the best opportunities for your professional growth.

Pre-Accelerator Programme

At H-FARM College, students can decide to undertake a pre-acceleration path by developing their own startup thanks to the Entrepreneurship & Startup Center.

Luca – Easy W-AI

Your travel buddy always at hand

Giacomo – Gym Track

Track your progress, Reach your potential

Job on Campus

From Lumina consultancy agency to FARMedia media agency, passing through the campus radio and newspaper.

At College you can put your skills into practice from day one thanks to numerous job opportunities.


Farmedia takes care of the creation of content for three proprietary channels, as well as contents for H-FARM College channels and/or for partners.


A channel to express opinions on current events, report on Campus events and news, dealing with topics of interest to the student community and beyond.


H-FARM Radio gives students the opportunity to create live programs and podcasts regarding different topics, and also interview lots of amazing people that visit H-FARM Campus


H-FARM College Ambassadors are students who actively engage in a series of initiatives to promote greater knowledge of H-FARM and H-FARM College, sharing their life and study experience on the Campus.


The Influencers are a team of students sharing “the H-FARM College experience” alongside the Marketing Team.


Lumina is a student consulting agency launched to give students a competitive edge in the job market once they graduate.

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