Learning in the classroom

At H-FARM College you will find educational programs in line with the highest academic standards, curricular courses on frontier topics that respond to the real needs of the world of work, delivered with teaching methods that stimulate student involvement.

To broaden your horizons, enrich your knowledge and consolidate the concepts learned in the curricular courses, you can also choose from a wide range of Enhancing Courses.

Teaching Methods

The professors adopt a mix of teaching methods while in the classroom.


Frontal lessons are aimed at teaching or presenting information on a given topic, actively involving students with questions, food for thought and practical examples (case studies)


Methodology that helps teachers to prioritize active learning during class time by assigning students lecture materials and presentations to be viewed at home or outside of class.


Teamworking promotes the development of essential soft skills in the workplace. Professors play the role of mentors by supervising the groups and giving support when necessary


From time to time and depending on the topics covered, external guest speakers who boast years of experience in the field and consolidated skills are invited to give talks and inspiring insights


Practical activities that allow students to acquire skills in the field and develop a problem-solving approach by consolidating the theoretical notions learned in the classroom


Teaching methodology that stimulates student involvement to learn, while having fun, the fundamentals of the economic and financial management of a business

Education between technology and nature

The 18 classrooms of the College, equipped with the most sophisticated electronic devices and voice lift systems, will make you enjoy a wonderful view of H-FARM Campus.
The large windows, patios, platform roofs and internal courtyards are places from which to admire nature and immerse yourself in the surrounding landscape.

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