Life on Campus

Our Campus is a unique place, the perfect one if you want to shape new ideas, live experiences and acquire knowledge, or also simply meet up with your friends. It is a dynamic and lively area, full of activities and services designed to offer you meaningful experiences.

Here you will find a large sports centre, with indoor and outdoor courts, several spaces for events, bars and restaurants managed by the Alajmo Group, a large library and study rooms.

At H-FARM College, new opportunities never end.

Student Life

Our students are offered a never ending stream of interesting opportunities, organized by the Student Life Team.

Student Club

Meet new people, find a new hobby and be part of something on Campus.

Enhancing Courses

In order to amplify students’ horizons, enrich their portfolio of knowledge and to consolidate the concepts learnt within the curriculum, we offer a vast selection of Enhancing Courses


Stay updated on all the events that take place on Campus.

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