Guide to English Certifications

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Which language certification to pursue?

In this guide, you can refer to the updated list of English language certifications recognized by our Partner Universities: Ca’ Foscari University and the University of Chichester.

There are various internationally recognized English language certifications that attest to a person’s proficiency level in the language. Check the list and choose based on the course you want to apply for and the required timelines.

So, how to choose the certification?


Check the application announcement for the course you want to apply for and assess which recognized certifications to pursue.


Each certification assesses different language skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking). Make sure that the certification you are considering is comprehensive and includes all four necessary competencies.


Exams like IELTS have different formats; they can be taken at a physical center or conveniently online from home. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with, considering that taking the exam online significantly shortens the correction timelines.


Check the deadlines for registration and exam completion, ensuring you have enough time to prepare and submit the obtained certification on schedule.


If you have never studied for an English certification, we recommend preparing adequately by seeking support from an English school or preparing independently.

To help you choose, we have selected the three most common exams for which you will find detailed information:

IELTS – recognized by Ca’ Foscari University and the University of Chichester
Cambridge – recognized by Ca’ Foscari University and the University of Chichester
LanguageCert – recognized only by the University of Chichester

To explain the difference between these exams more simply, imagine a passport and an airline ticket.

The passport, a document identifying a citizen of a particular state and ensuring access to other countries, can be likened to a Cambridge or LanguageCert exam, which has no expiration date and is recognized worldwide.

On the other hand, the airline ticket allows for travel but has an expiration date. Just like the IELTS exam, which is valid for two years.


Recognized by: Ca’Foscari University, University of Chichester

This exam aims to test language skills specifically designed for the academic world, intended for students who wish to enroll in a foreign university or individuals planning to relocate to the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.

Compared to traditional Cambridge exams, the vocabulary and linguistic usage in the IELTS test are more focused on the field of economics. The IELTS exam typically lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes and yields a final score ranging from 1 (below A1) to 9 (C2). Results are usually available within 13 days for the paper-based exam and a maximum of 6 working days for the online exam.

IELTS certificates are valid for two years and are often requested and recognized not only in the United Kingdom but also in Canada and Australia. You will receive a certificate regardless of the score attained, eliminating the risk of failing.

However, universities usually require reaching a minimum score.

The cost for this exam is approximately €245.

Cambridge English

Recognized by: Ca’Foscari University, University of Chichester

Successfully passing a Cambridge English exam and obtaining certification allows you to receive a certificate that verifies your English proficiency at an international level. It is the certification of excellence.

Unlike IELTS, which only certifies your language level, this exam may not be merely passed; obtaining a score below the required threshold is equivalent to failing, while high scores (corresponding to grades A, B, and C) lead to a successful exam completion.

For each section of the exam (listening, writing, reading, and speaking), a specific certification with unlimited validity is issued.

In no case, therefore, can you underestimate the preparation phase: make sure to arrive well-prepared for the test and, if aiming for an advanced-level certificate, start at least from an intermediate level!

Plan your exam well in advance: gather detailed information about available dates, practice with test simulations, and enroll in a course to prepare thoroughly and address any potential weaknesses.

A structured course helps highlight sections where you might lose points and provides exercises and appropriate advice for improvement.

The upside? It’s a certification for life: a Cambridge diploma has no expiration date, though some institutions may prefer a certification obtained within the last two years. Furthermore, these certifications are highly prestigious: recognized by over 20,000 organizations worldwide, Cambridge English diplomas are synonymous with excellence.

The exam takes 209 minutes to complete, and the cost is €240.


Recognized by University of Chichester

LanguageCert is a regulated certification in England by Ofqual, internationally recognized in over 90 countries, and in Italy, it can be validated by schools and universities for enrollment processes and/or as an assessment of English language skills during the academic journey.

The advantage of this certification is that you can schedule your exam date 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even on the day of the exam itself. You can take your exam comfortably from home, and the result is available within 3 days and never expires!

LanguageCert certification is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and is increasingly in demand by many university faculties in the United Kingdom.

The exam, in all its parts, takes 2 hours and 40 minutes, and the cost for this is €244.

Haven’t you obtained the B2 certification yet to apply for one of our courses?

Thanks to the collaboration with The English House – Treviso, we offer you courses aimed at achieving the B2 certified level and preparing for the exam of your choice.

A preparation course makes a difference as it helps you understand in detail what the test requires and learn the necessary strategies to support it, achieving the best possible score.

The proposed hour packages consist partly of grammatical and linguistic content and partly of content aimed at preparing for the chosen exam. To determine your starting point, you will need to take a level test, which will be useful to advise you on the best package and the most suitable exam for you.

Do you want to apply for an H-FARM College course, and are you interested in attending the course? Fill out the form, and we will send you all the information!

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