Challenge with Juventus

Challenge with Juventus

Beyond The Pitch, the Juventus challenge involves and challenges the students of H-FARM College on a new playground: innovation.

The challenge launched by Juventus to the students of H-FARM College ended on 9 November, with the aim of designing and planning a new ecosystem in which Gen Z and Alpha could be involved with the Club in new ways, reviving that community principle that sports should generate.

Specifically, Juventus asked the students to develop in a concrete way a viable project that would be based on solid foundations of fiction, research, and benchmarks and complete with a detailed business plan, KPI and a communication and marketing plan. A challenge that Juventus has tailor-made for H-FARM College students who have worked using the skills gained during their university career.

Twenty-two guys divided into six teams presented their project in front of a jury chaired by the CMO of Juventus. To win the team number 5 formed by Alessio Pitteri, Mattia Buoso, Alberto Troncon and Ilaria Nalon with the project “A mental health journey”: a live podcast on Twitch to address the theme of mental health – often perceived as a taboo – through the sharing of life stories and testimonies of the players.

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