Inspirational Talk with Marcello Ascani

Inspirational Talk with Marcello Ascani
H-FARM College

For the first H-FARM College Inspirational Talk open to all we couldn’t help but invite one of the most famous content creators, entrepreneurs and YouTubers in Italy, Marcello Ascani.

Marcello will tell his story between personal anecdotes and career goals, sharing with us the path that led him to found the Flatmates marketing agency.

Questions? Doubts? You can ask him directly in the Q&A session 😎

Don’t miss this opportunity, reserve your seat!

🤔 What is an Inspirational Talk? Inspirational Talks are events reserved for H-FARM College students that consist of speeches given by external guests – usually entrepreneurs, managers, or startuppers – revolving around various topics such as innovation, creativity, business, and sustainable development.

🇮🇹 Language: Italian

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