Inspirational Talk with Vincenzo Longo

Inspirational Talk with Vincenzo Longo
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Today we’ve met Vincenzo Longo, Chief Marketing Officer at Tailoor

With over a decade of versatile expertise spanning digital, e-commerce, marketing, and business development, including notable roles at and as a startup founder in the food sector, Vincenzo embodies an innovative mindset.

About Vincenzo

Vincenzo Longo is currently CMO at Tailoor, the first AI-powered 3D phygital platform. Former, startup founder in the food sector & advisor in various startups, with more than 10 years of multifaceted experience in digital, e-commerce, marketing and business development, he describes himself as an innovative thinker, with skills in business modelling, strategic marketing, business development and operational effectiveness. Good team leader, curious, always looking for new ways of doing business and strongly focused on achieving goals.


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