Alessandra Lomonaco

Alessandra Lomonaco

After almost twenty years in multinational corporates, working in business finance, I decided to explore the startup ecosystem as a mentor. Then I moved into advisory and in 2020 I founded Huky Benefit Corporation. We support entrepreneurs and professionals to bring business ideas into real world, in an inclusive and sustainable way.

In 2023 I founded RestartHer Academia with the aim of providing women entrepreneurs with knowledge, network and tools to launch and scale successful businesses. I am an Expert at European Commission for cultural and creative industries as a driver of innovation and

MBA, Qualified Innovation Manager at Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Qualified Accountant since 1999.
I am speaker at events (related to innovation, startup, women empowerment) and I write for Key4Biz, Millionaire and Economia News.
On a voluntary basis, I served the Alumni Association at MIB School of Management as President for three years (since January 2015 until the end of 2017).

I am a member of the Scientific Committee of ANGI – Associazione Italiana Giovani Innovatori plus several other associations and Founding member of European Women in VC. Unstoppable Woman for Startupitalia since 2018.