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Startup Reset
New event series: CLUBS Leggi di più
8 February 2022
Communities of people interested in the same topics who share experiences and start new projec…
Fintech Abu Dhabi The Search, Global Tour: Italy Leggi di più
19 October 2021
We are a community partner of this global tour looking for the world's most innovative and insp…
Ledger, another European unicorn Leggi di più
10 June 2021
Club Italia Investimenti 2, of which we were a founding partner, reached an extraordinary milestone…
Depop becomes a “unicorn”: sold for over $1,6 billion Leggi di più
2 June 2021
Born in 2011 on our Campus, it was acquired by Etsy. It's now the second unicorn in Italian his…
Finboot secures £2,4 million equity investment Leggi di più
8 March 2021
Our portfolio startup, a leading enterprise blockchain technology group, received investment from t…
Competitoor closes €450,000 round Leggi di più
25 February 2021
Our portfolio startup is a leader in Italy in price intelligence and competitor monitoring. C…
The Data Appeal Company hits record growth in 2020 Leggi di più
9 February 2021
Our portfolio company doubled its orders and revenues and acquired new customers. The Data Ap…
Zooppa, a collective creative action to fight climate change Leggi di più
15 June 2020
Born in 2007 in our campus, Zooppa has joined forces with European scientists, academics,…
TLNT and Zooppa: 17,000 works for the UN creative call Leggi di più
21 April 2020
Our portfolio company Zooppa, now part of TLNT, hosted the United Nations call for c…
PubCoder, free digital books for children Leggi di più
21 April 2020
Our portfolio company offers some of their digital books for children and 2 months of its technolog…
TLNT and Zooppa host United Nations creative call against COVID-19 Leggi di più
1 April 2020
Born in 2007 in our campus, Zooppa is now part of TLNT, the largest creative platform with ove…
Travel Appeal becomes The Data Appeal Company Leggi di più
24 February 2020
Our portfolio company, specialized in data science and artificial intelligence, extends its technol…
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