Summer Programs 2024

Summer Programs 2024

For summer 2024 H-FARM College launches the Summer Programs offer with courses on topics at the crossroads of innovation in different sectors: from entrepreneurship to startups, through robotics, the world of cloud and artificial intelligence, up to to fashion and agritech.

Each Program aims to develop the skills most requested by the job market and makes use of a first-level Faculty with teachers who boast international experience, some in the academic field, some as managers, startuppers or consultants.

Artificial intelligence and cloud

The Summer Programs “The World of Artificial Intelligence. The impact on marketing and creativity” and “Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure“, in partnership with Microsoft, are aimed at young people aged between 18 and 24 who are passionate about digital technologies.

The first allows participants to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills to move in the world of artificial intelligence, while the second delves into the applications and advantages deriving from the use of one of the most requested technologies today, cloud computing.

The courses, entirely in English, are provided in collaboration with Pipeline, Microsoft’s official Training Services Partner. Founded in 1991, Pipeline offers training and consultancy solutions to companies and professionals in the IT, emerging technologies and soft skills fields. Its teachers, with years of experience and recognized certifications, will guide the two programs by combining theory and practice for a solid preparation in the dynamic sector of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud.

Students will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tools and technologies and interact with industry experts to gain valuable insights.

Human and Robotics. Working in the future

An immersive experience to understand how robotics and new technologies are impacting the world of work and the most in-demand skills.

In addition to seeing first-hand new generation technologies – including the e.DO interactive robot and the MATE exoskeleton – you will be able to learn about best practices and innovative project works.

The program is developed in partnership with Comau, a Stellantis group company, a world leader in the development of automation processes, production services and robots.

AI and Fashion. Styles of the past, design of the future with AI

In recent years, the fashion industry has enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of Artificial Intelligence as new technologies have immediately proven to be a valid ally in revolutionizing creative processes, improving operational efficiency and offering a personalized experience to customers. consumers. This program, in collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, delves into the use of artificial intelligence to revisit and reinterpret the fashion industry between past, present and future.

Shaping your entrepreneurial mindset

An intensive five-day program for the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow who wish to enrich their skills by training on the H-FARM Campus, one of the most important startup incubators in Europe. During the bootcamp we will talk about idea generation, business modeling, startup pitching and all the hard and soft skills necessary both to start a business and to play an active role in promoting change within already structured organizations.

AI for Silver Generation

A training program designed to offer skills and knowledge to allow those over 60 – the so-called “Silver Generation” – to understand, master and exploit new technologies related to Artificial Intelligence to their advantage.

AI Connected Generation

More than a simple training course, a truly immersive and interactive experience to allow grandparents and grandchildren to discover artificial intelligence and its basic applications together. An excellent opportunity to learn while having fun, collecting precious memories.

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