An interview with Ginevra Benacchio, Digital Management student, co-founder and editor-in-chief of H-INSIDERS.

Hi Ginevra! Tell us about H-INSIDERS, the web newspaper created and directed by you students of H-FARM College…What topics do you tackle? Where can people read the articles you write?

Hi everyone! H-INSIDERS was born on November 17, 2022, from my passion for writing and the passion shared by the two co-founders for the love of culture and information and the desire to create, experiment and live new adventures.

We chose to create our newspaper entirely online instead of a printed one because of environmental reasons. Although the tactile experience of holding printed paper in your hand is unmistakable and irreplaceable, we considered it essential to give priority to a key theme for our era, environmental protection. While we forgot the immersion of ink, we embrace a contemporary approach to information, publishing on Medium and interacting with our community on Instagram and LinkedIn to discuss, joke and exchange ideas.

H-INSIDERS wrapped: what were the most read articles and hot topics of 2023?

The top 5 hot topics were mental health and awareness, cultural shocks and inclusiveness, living the H-FARM adventure, sustainability and interviews. A heterogeneous set of topics that encompasses the many passions that make up the members of our club.

The most read article was one of those written by me “Do we really need an Earth Day?“, that criticises the scepticism towards holidays such as Pride Month, the international day for the elimination of violence against women and Earth Day. In the article I address environmental exploitation, resistance to change and lack of awareness, greenwashing and the exploitation of the planet in antiquity.

Are there any themes or issues that you would like to focus on in particular in the coming months?

There are two main themes that we want to focus more on. First of all, the position of women within our society under a variety of aspects ranging from working conditions to everyday life. We want to give attention to women around the world, abandoning a purely Euro-centric perspective and exploring the tradition and nature of women around the world.

The second issue is artificial intelligence, its applications and impacts. You can already read an article about it.

What of what you learned at H-FARM College is helping you in this work experience?

H-INSIDERS is a club created by students and managed completely by us. The two “Camillas” (Camilla Mainardi and Camilla Vescovo) and I are dedicating ourselves body and soul to the growth of the university newspaper. Just think that last year we started with less than ten people and now there are 20 of us.

To reach these goals, the path we are taking at H-FARM College has been very useful to us, in particular the group work we do for each course. We have learned to manage projects, deadlines and more or less active teams and contingencies.

I am also part of FARMedia, H-FARM’s student-based communication agency. My role as project manager helped me understand how to manage workload and move forward together towards a path of discovery, growth and creation with a shared goal.

Ginevra, one of your dreams is…?

My biggest dream is to experience the world, explore it sustainably, meet new cultures, traditions and people. Discovering not only for the sake of culture and knowledge but to be able to understand our planet and those who populate it so deeply that we can make a positive change. I have dreamed big since I was a child and have used writing as a tool to give shape to my dreams and express my emotions. Writing is my outlet and suction valve, my expression and my art.

Another of my great dreams, in fact, is to give a voice to those who do not have the strength or the possibility of having one. I think H-INSIDERS and my writing can help do that.