A journey into project management, both traditional and agile, with a prevalent experiential component.

H-FARM students engage in discussion

Scrum, Kanban, and Canvas will have no more secrets.

The proposed journey is an exploration of project management through its various manifestations. In addition to traditional practices used for decades, we will delve into more recent ones linked to the broader agile approach that successfully applies in specific situations. Many of the practices and tools explained and experimented with in the classroom can be immediately applied after the course.


H-FARM Business School


4 modules from Friday (14:00 – 19:00)
to Saturday (9:30 – 17:30)


September 2024


The total cost is €2,990 (VAT included).

For the first 5 registrants, there is an Early Bird promotion at a total of €2,600 (VAT included).




H-FARM Campus – Roncade (TV)

Class activity in H-FARM
Training from the Back of the Room

The Executive Course in Adaptive Project Management stands out for its pronounced inclination towards engaging people. The techniques used involve experiential activities and serious gaming. Thanks to the TBR – Training from the Back of the Room techniques, the courses have a low ‘frontal’ component.

With this Executive Course, You will be able to…


Develop skills and collaborative tools essential for project management in an organizational context focused on services, product creation, and innovation.


Develop skills around the agile approach in creating products and services in complex contexts.


Acquire an in-depth understanding of the Scrum framework with a focus on the role of the Scrum Master.


Gain a deep understanding of the Kanban method, along with practical tools to apply the method starting the Monday after the course.

Course Modules:

In person at the H-FARM campus on Fridays from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM and on Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Date: September 27-28
Traditional Project Management

Starting from the fundamentals of project management, this module introduces various application methods and tools of project management in the classical sense. Particular attention is given to the collaborative dynamics necessary for the project’s success.

Date: October 11-12
Agile Project Management – Scrum

When dealing with projects of significant complexity where the objectives and methods are not clear from the outset, the agile approach comes to the rescue. The principles and main methodological tools are explained, and Scrum, the reference framework for the agile approach, is also introduced.

Date: October 25-26
Scrum Master

The module is entirely dedicated to Scrum: dynamics, events, artifacts, and roles are thoroughly explored. The role of the Scrum Master is particularly emphasized, providing all the knowledge and skills to tackle, after appropriate individual study, the Scrum.org PSM I certification.

Date: November 15-16
Kanban Method

The Kanban method, strongly inspired by Lean principles and practices, supports the team in visualizing and organizing the activities of a group oriented towards creating a product or providing a service. Kanban is explored and experimented with in all its facets.


We strongly believe that theoretical knowledge alone is not sufficient; practical skills and know-how should be the distinguishing elements of the instructors we bring into our classrooms.

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