BOLD Awards: the winners

BOLD Awards: the winners

Shining a spotlight on breakthrough projects in innovation-related sectors, the winners of the BOLD Awards – that we launched with Crowdsourcing Week – were announced at a gala dinner in our campus.

In 2018 we launched with Crowdsourcing Week the BOLD Awards, the most innovative awards program whose goal is to showcase the best in the world from innovative businesses and individuals with diverse ranges of industries, including robotics, AI, open innovation, science, blockchain and more. The gala dinner ceremony took place in our campus on April 5, 2019 and was opened and emceed by Crowdsourcing Week’s CEO Epi Ludvik and Emil Abirascid, Founder and Editor in Chief of Startupbusiness, with Jose Luis Cordeiro doing his amazing presentation on Mind Value and Attitudes Toward The Future. 

Our heartiest congratulations to the 12 winners: 

Boldest Crowdsourced Online Platform, presented by Mathesia: Mindhive – Bruce Muirhead 
Boldest Crowdsourced Marketing & Advertising Campaign, presented by Tipalti: Rebuild Kerala – John Santhosh 
Boldest Open Innovation, presented by H-FARM, and Boldest Space Frontier, presented by HeroX: Open Cosmos – Remco Timmermans 
Boldest AI, presented by Spark Beyond, and Boldest Scientific Project, presented by sbv IMPROVER: ScienceAtHome – Janet Rafner 
Boldest Crowdfunding Campaign, presented by Crowdsourcing Week: StartupItalia – David Casalini 
Boldest Blockchain Platform: Medicohealth – Milan Rajlic 
Boldest ICO/Cryptocurrency: MakerDao & DAI Stablecoin – Lenka Hudakova 
Boldest Future Robot, presented by HeroX: Vostok – Roberto Polesel 
Boldest Young Achiever Under 25, presented by GoGo Places: Feral Horses – Francesco Bellanca 
Boldest Innovator, presented by Surcle: Memomi – Alexios Blanos

Three additional surprise awards were assigned to:

– the e-Residency Estonia project, received by Ambassador Celia Kuningas-Saagpakk. It recognizes Estonia’s breakthrough as the first country to offer a government-issued digital identity and status; 
– our co-founder Maurizio Rossi, who was recognized for having created a unique hub like ours to help reimagine the future possibilities; 
– Maria Ressa, CEO & Executive Editor of RAPPLER, a social news network that inspires investigative journalism, community engagement and digitally fueled actions for social change in Indonesia and the Philippines.