H-INSIDERS: the newspaper created and edited by our college students

H-INSIDERS: the newspaper created and edited by our college students

A group of passionate college students who want to share their thoughts and ideas on important topics, our passions and interests, as well as what happens in our Campus.

A publication run by H-FARM College students. A platform to express their opinions, report on campus events and news, and cover topics of interest to the student community and beyond.

Our students manage the entire magazine entirely on their own, write articles, conduct interviews and contribute to making the various sections of the publication even more unique. Each article is particularly interesting and unique precisely because it stems from the studies done during the school year or through the knowledge of different people and personalities they meet.
Discover their true soul with their Manifesto.

Some of their latest articles? 
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H-INSIDERS is a wonderful opportunity for all aspiring journalists, writers, photographers and editors. A unique way to gain experience and develop one's skills. A real club, a place where students can feel free to unleash their creativity without any restrictions. A sense of community is fostered within the journal, in providing information to students and the entire online community, thus promoting dialogue and debate.

H-INSIDERS is the channel through which people can express their perspectives and engage in important issues within, but also, and especially outside our Campus.