Immediate Accelerator: selected startups

Immediate Accelerator: selected startups

The first European business accelerator on media and entertainment created by RS Productions in collaboration with us, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Rolling Stone.

IMMEDIATE is promoted by RS Productions, a production and distribution company of audiovisual content for the cinema and the main international distribution platforms.

Our role is to manage the startups in their acceleration journeys, helping them to enhance their solutions and define valid proofs of concept.

Selected startups

Lumière Project
It offers blockchain-based finance solutions which syndicate and considerably lower investment risks for movie financiers, making investments more liquid and traceable. 

Karaoke One
The mobile talent show for singers. An international community of singers and music lovers, where everyone from everywhere can create their own videoclips with a karaoke experience.


A mobile app that helps you to discover new music and new friends and emerging artists to grow their popularity.

A blockchain-based platform that helps brands and sponsors to improve the relationship between an artist and the public and offers new monetization opportunities in live events.

Visual Note
The world's most advanced system for learning to play guitar. It's composed of a LED foil to be mounted directly on the guitar, a control unit and an app.

Photo credits: Vittorio La Fata