Prase Media Technologies, IO.T Solutions and LG Electronics, Campus partners

Prase Media Technologies, IO.T Solutions and LG Electronics, Campus partners

Their innovative solutions guarantee high-performance educational tools and spaces that are always connected and highly digital.

The partnership with Prase Media Technologies, IO.T Solutions and LG Electronics makes our campus one of the most technologically advanced innovation hubs in Europe. Their latest generation audio-visual solutions allow for an optimal experience both in person and remotely.

Prase Media Technologies supported our technical team in all phases of system development, design and testing, with 3P Technologies taking care of implementation. Each audio-visual technology has been set up, tested and stressed to identify the best combination for each environment. All spaces are included in a single network, so as to facilitate centralized and remote management and the updating, maintenance and upgrade of devices.

LG Electronics provided its innovative digital signage solutions, monitors and software that guarantee high-quality images and ease of use. The set-up includes different types of solutions, including UHD signage monitors and High Brightness monitors, which enhance the creativity and visual impact of the contents, and interactive whiteboards and 130'' LED Walls to manage videoconferences and presentations.

Thanks to IO.T Solutions, our common areas, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, sport center and parking lot are digitalized through the DINA – Connecting Spaces software platform, capable of adapting to any further expansion of the IT structure. In particular, the Controlled Room module guarantees compliance with the COVID-19 regulations against gatherings: this solution defines the maximum capacity of people for each environment, programming time slots, monitoring flows and reporting access times.