VENETIE MML – Architecture Biennale Project 2023

VENETIE MML – Architecture Biennale Project 2023

A new frontier of imagination. A laboratory driven by the new generation, empowered by Artificial Intelligence.

A place of the imagination designed by the new generations. A multimedia installation to experience a real journey. An interactive experience, the result of a workshop in which our students, thanks to the most advanced technological tools, have imagined the world of tomorrow through the interaction between human beings and artificial entities. A special project capable of outlining a new perspective of Venice, described as "the oldest city of the future".

A multimedia and immersive installation to experience a journey into the future and discover the Venice of 2050 – as imagined by an Artificial Intelligence instructed, on the basis of the city's development trajectories, by a group of students from our Campus, from different classes and age groups. A true interactive experience that is the result of a laboratory in which today's humans interacted with an Artificial Intelligence to imagine tomorrow's world.

The visitor will therefore be the protagonist of a multimedia exploration of the Venice of the future, to which he will have access thanks to exceptional "ciceroni": a group of students from the lagoon city in 2050, realised in the form of "Metahuman", human beings virtually realised and projected onto the walls of the tour route. They will guide the visitor through texts, voices and images generated by Artificial Intelligence and, in doing so, discover a possible destination for Venice – described as 'the oldest city of the future'.

The experience will also include a moment of direct interaction with the Metahuman in order to discover other curiosities and explore aspects of interest.