SHADO launches “Dove Si Va”

SHADO launches “Dove Si Va”

Our first original web series that explains innovation, conceived and created by our media company, part of H-FARM Industry.


The progressive establishment of digital platforms as sources of original entertainment content (mainly Netflix and Youtube, but also Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook), is creating the opportunity to directly produce and distribute shows. We are leveraging on this trend, knowing that, in our 13 years of business, we have built an innovation ecosystem and we have always tried to bring the digital and tech advancements to the the widest possible audience

SHADO, our media company and business unit dedicated to branding & storytelling, created "Dove Si Va”, a simple format that showcases in a fun, open and informative way the process of understanding today’s ever-evolving world.

Each episode is shot on our Campus. Over the time of a trip in a golf cart, an expert farmer has to explain a key concept of today’s transformation (such as the Internet of Things or Blockchain) to someone who knows little to nothing of innovation. The true challenge is to make yourself understood.

A show that speaks across the board, where the viewers can test themselves through interactive quizzes and, guided by infographics, can become protagonists and win customized gadgets or exclusive experiences in our Campus. Take a look at "Dove Si Va".