Partnership signed between TETR College of Business and H-FARM College

Partnership signed between TETR College of Business and H-FARM College

As part of the partnership between H-FARM College and TETR College of Business, a first-of-its-kind global business school, H-FARM Campus has been selected as one of the campuses for TETR’s innovative international Bachelor Program in Management & Technology. Up to $1 million scholarships are available for deserving Italian students who want to apply.

The program, starting in September 2024, offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn business across seven different countries, including Italy, Dubai, New Delhi, Singapore, the USA and Brazil, with each term spent in a new country. Part of this course will be held on H-FARM Campus.

Led by an academic council of global industry professionals and educators from institutions such as Viney Sawhney (Professor, Harvard University), Edward Rogers (Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA), Faverie Stephane (Executive Group President, Estee Lauder) and Saud Swar (CBO, American Express, MENA), TETR’s program emphasizes on hands-on experiences over theoretical frameworks.

With its decades of experience working with businesses and startups, H-FARM is the ideal place to help students gain solid business knowledge and strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset. Students will immerse themselves in diverse cultures, gaining first-hand insights into global business environments.

«We are proud that H-FARM College has been selected, together with other prominent Institutes across the world such as NUS National University of Singapore and SDA Bocconi, as one of the best educational institutions for their latest international program, TETR’s innovative Bachelor in Management & Technology. We trust that, once here, students will find a truly international environment, a distinguished and forward-looking group of faculties, and cutting edge learning experiences, thanks to which they can develop their entrepreneurial mindset, feed their curiosity and cultivate cross-cultural approaches to learning. In a world where technology is advancing fast, impacting almost every aspect of our society, we believe education plays a fundamental role in empowering young students to transform innovation into human progress for a better society.» underlines Antonello Barbaro, CEO H-FARM Education

«At TETR, we believe in the transformative power of education to break boundaries and unleash human potential. Our partnership with H-Farm represents a bold step forward in creating an immersive learning environment where innovation thrives, paving the way for students to shape the future with confidence and creativity» explains Tarun Gangwar, Director at TETR College of Business.

The educational approach emphasizes learning by doing: students will build businesses across the world, ensuring that each venture is tailored to the specific geography, providing practical, hands-on experience. Lessons will be held by industry leaders and renowned professors. This unique blend ensures that students receive a comprehensive education that combines academic rigor with real-world expertise.

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