Welcome Students, Welcome Farmers!

Welcome Students, Welcome Farmers!

The inauguration event of the 2023/24 academic year took place today in the Big Hall, welcoming new freshmen enrolled in the three-year and master’s degree courses.

At H-FARM College it’s time for new beginnings!

Today, Elena and Nicola, second-year students, welcomed the over 280 freshmen enrolled in the 2023/24 academic year.

From the stage of the Big Hall, both super excited, they “accompanied” the new students to discover a place that they too will soon call “home”.

What role do you want to play in the world you are living?” This is the question that the CEO of H-FARM Education Antonello Barbaro asked the students sitting in the audience, underlining how the era in which we live is marked by challenges and changes that follow one another at a pressing and unprecedented pace. Hence, an invitation that Antonello wanted to address them right at the beginning of their university path: “Don’t settle for anything less than writing the future with your own words, thoughts, ideas and projects“.

In his speech, Professor Pierluigi Fasano, Chief Learning Architect, then outlined current scenarios and future trends between artificial intelligence, machine learning and 100% H-uman skills increasingly required by the job market.

Then, it was the Coordinators’ turn to give some insights and highlights of the degree courses.

But as we know, at H-FARM College you learn not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom and “on the job”. From the initiatives to get in touch with the world of work – illustrated by Silvia Dell’Acqua, Head of Corporate Development, Career Service and e-learning – up to the Entrepreneurship & Startup Center: “the opportunities on our Campus never end” as Elena and Nicola explained, also giving some nice advice to enjoy the new university adventure to the fullest.

The event ended with the tree planting ceremony in the Student Forest, now a tradition in the name of environmental sustainability that is repeated at the beginning of every academic year.

Welcome Students, Welcome Farmers!

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