An interview with Chiara Schettino, Alumna of the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management, now founder of Rosso and Conthackto.

Chiara is among the best Under 30 talents according to Forbes Italia in 2024.

Hello Chiara! In July this year you finished your studies at H-FARM College. What do you take with you from this experience? A memory in particular that you would like to share…?

Hi everyone! My study journey in such a rich and inspiring environment was truly extraordinary. I had the opportunity to introduce Rosso and watch the startup grow, along with my personal and professional development. One of the most significant experiences was the unconditional trust of the H-FARM College team, who constantly supported our initiatives. This environment taught me how important teamwork and dedication are, and I have been able to apply these lessons in every aspect of my journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a special place.

At a very young age you founded Rosso, a startup that stands out for its strong social commitment. Would you like to tell us what it consists of and how it was born?

Certainly! Rosso is a startup that is committed with determination to solving the growing problem of the blood emergency in Italy. The current situation sees a rapid decrease in the average age of blood donors in the country, and if this trend continues, there is a risk of running out of national blood supplies, forcing the importation of blood from abroad. Furthermore, due to the fragmentation of the systems of the different donor associations, there is a lack of unified statistical analyzes that allow us to precisely understand where more donations are needed and where they are less needed.

Rosso aims to address this blood emergency by creating a national donor registry, using an innovative booking system and high-level technology-based customer service. The aim is to involve young donors and corporate communities, as well as schools, universities and awareness events. The project is constantly evolving, with the aim of adapting to constantly changing needs.

The birth of Rosso was inspired by my personal experience, as I was a recipient of blood. Often, I found myself waiting for long hours to receive a blood bag. This situation pushed me to look for a solution, not only for myself, but also for many other people who find themselves in the same situation. When I joined H-Farm, an environment that promotes innovation and startups, I found the support and inspiration needed to create Rosso and face this crucial challenge.

A recent research conducted by AVIS has highlighted the new generations’ low propensity to donate. What message would you like to send to these young people?

The key message that I would like to convey to the new generations is that blood donation is an act of solidarity that can save human lives but also an act of self-care. Every donation is a powerful and concrete gesture to help those in need. Furthermore, through technology and innovation, we are making blood donation more accessible by communicating with all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Their participation is essential to building a future in which there are no blood shortages. Donating is cool, it’s human and it’s essential, even for those who do it!

“Rollercoaster”: this is how Conthackto defines itself, another beautiful project of which you are the founder. Who is it aimed at and with what objectives?

Conthackto is a project aimed at students aged 16 to 19, created with the aim of providing them with extraordinary experiences outside the traditional school context.

This initiative was born following my trip to Silicon Valley, where I recognized the need to offer students, like me at the time, the opportunity to acquire additional skills and develop a greater awareness of their future.

Conthackto is not just a project, but an atmosphere of discovery and connection, a community where students can meet and merge their passions, creating infinite possibilities. The main objective is to break the monotony of traditional schooling, offering young people the chance to challenge themselves, create and discover their potential beyond textbooks.

In facing the world of work and the future, Conthackto helps young people overcome adolescent fears, transforming them into opportunities for growth. Like the adrenaline-filled moments of a “rollercoaster”, the kids find themselves faced with climbs and descents that represent real opportunities to grow and learn.

Chiara, a secret dream…?

I’d love to visit the most breathtaking landscapes on the Planet. I love landscapes and photography and I would like to dedicate a year of my life to this.