A chat with Luca Barattini, Digital Management student, currently in the Silicon Valley for a project focused on entrepreneurial culture.

Hi Luca, could you introduce yourself briefly? Tell us more about you starting from a word that best describes you…What are you studying here, at H-FARM College?

It’s hard to pick one word to describe me, but if I had to pick one it would be “motivated.” I love stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges. Currently, I am studying Digital Management at H-FARM College, a Bachelor’s Degree that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, two of my favorite fields!

Let’s talk about the “Silicon Valley Study Tour” project. Can you explain to us what it is and how you got to know this program?

Silicon Valley Study Tour is a project that aims to connect talented students with successful entrepreneurs or researchers throughout the Bay Area. Among the visiting companies we find Google, Linkedin, SySdig, HP Enterprise, Pinterest, etc…I got to know this beautiful reality thanks to a Hackathon where I was then selected to participate in this year’s tour.

This project looks extremely inspiring. What prompted you to leave and face this new challenge?

Certainly, one of the reasons that prompted me to leave is my constant desire to get out of my comfort zone and improve myself. As a result, when I found out about the Hackathon I signed up immediately.

What are your expectations for this trip? What is your main goal and what would you like to take away from this experience?

I hope to be able to meet as many people as possible, even from different backgrounds, and to broaden my network. Also, being very fascinated by the VC world, I’d like to get some more insights into it.

How do you think this experience with “Silicon Valley Study Tour” can enrich your study path at H-FARM College? What is the added value, in your opinion, of experiences like this?

I believe that this experience will enrich my studies at H-FARM College in various ways, not only by getting in touch with tech realities such as Google but also by obtaining unique insights.