BACHELOR’S DEGREE Technology Management with Cybersecurity


In an era where digital dependence is steadily increasing, cybersecurity and data security are becoming increasingly paramount. The bachelor’s degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity provides graduates with a unique and highly sought-after skill set. This degree not only opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities but also addresses the growing demand for professionals capable of protecting and managing technological assets in an increasingly interconnected world.


H-FARM College


Bachelor’s of Science – University of Chichester




40 seats


September 2024 (lessons from mid-September to mid-June)


H-FARM Campus – Roncade (TV)


€10.980 for EU students

€18.700,00 for Non-EU students

Non-EU Student Grant


Full-time, in person

of the students complete the program within the expected timeframe
of the students receive a job offer from the company where they did their internship
Average grade of graduating students.
Meetings with guest speakers, startuppers and CEO per year
Of the students who choose to work after graduation, finds employment within 6 months.
Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity

In recent years, the digital evolution and the increase in online activities have led to an exponential growth in threats on the web, making cybersecurity one of the priorities for companies and organizations around the world.

This three-year degree course provides a solid foundation of skills in technology management and cybersecurity, responding to the growing demand for professionals capable of protecting and managing technological assets in an interconnected world. With interdisciplinary knowledge, problem-solving skills and diverse career opportunities, this degree prepares you for a digital future that is safe, challenging and full of opportunities.

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hfarm college studenti

You will find information about requirements, the selection process, and related timelines in the Admission Notice.

To apply for the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity, you need:


  • Hold a high school diploma obtained in Italy or from an Italian institute abroad,
  • Or being currently enrolled in the final year of an Italian high school or an Italian institute abroad,
  • Or having completed or being currently enrolled in a study program leading to a foreign degree recognized as suitable for admission.


Candidates must possess a language certification at an appropriate level to enroll. The accepted certifications are listed in the application announcement.

In some cases, it will be possible to access the course even without a certified English level. The accepted exemption cases are listed in the application announcement.

Each certification has particular characteristics, if you have doubts about which certification is most suitable for you, consult our Certification Guide.

Admission Process

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
STEP 1 – Submit Your Online Application

You can apply for the course using the form on this page. Within the form, you will need to provide various details, including:

  • Your personal information.
  • Information about the school you are currently attending and the grades from your fourth year of high school.
  • A motivational video in English – watch the video tutorial on how to create a motivational video.
  • The English language certificate (if already in your possession).
STEP 2 – Interview

After submitting your online application, you will be contacted by the Admissions Team to schedule the time for your motivational interview, which will be conducted in English. Interviews will take place on the dates specified in the announcement.

During the interview phase, in addition to assessing motivation, academic and extracurricular experiences, your English proficiency will be evaluated, and an additional assessment of mathematical knowledge may be required.

Candidates who are deemed eligible for admission but possess insufficient mathematical knowledge may be required to attend a mandatory mathematics enhancement course provided by H-FARM College. Failure to address deficiencies by the end of the enhancement program will result in the loss of a spot within the program.

STEP 3 – Application Outcome

After the interview, you will receive the outcome of your application via email.

STEP 4 – Pre-enrollment or Enrollment

Admitted candidates will have the opportunity to accept the offer and proceed with pre-enrollment or enrollment depending on the cases, as indicated below:

ROUND 1, 2, and 3
Admitted candidates can pre-enroll in the course by either completing the pre-enrollment form received via email or by paying the deposit for the first installment of the tuition fee for the year 2024/2025.

Admitted candidates can enroll in the course by either completing the enrollment form received via email or by paying the first installment of the fees for the academic year 2024/2025.

Timeline for Application

For the academic year 2024/25, there will be 5 rounds of applications with the timelines mentioned in the table below.
H-FARM College will assign at least 15 places for the course during Round 5. The Rolling option will be activated only if there are available spots.

  • Online Application
  • Interview
  • Results
  • Pre-Enrollment
  • Enrollment
  • 1st ROUND
  • 06/11 – 14/01
  • 16/01
  • 18/01
  • by 01/02
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 2nd ROUND
  • 15/01 – 14/03
  • 18/03
  • 20/03
  • by 03/04
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 3rd ROUND
  • 15/03 – 14/05
  • 16/05
  • 20/05
  • by 03/06
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 4th ROUND
  • 15/05 – 30/06
  • 02/07
  • 04/07
  • by il 18/07
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 5th ROUND
  • 01/07 – 31/08
  • 02/08
  • 06/08
  • by 20/08
  • by 20/09
  • 01/08 – 11/10
  • Rolling
  • The day after the interview
  • Within 3 days from the results (by 16/10 2024)
Deadline for submission of missing documents

At the time of the online application, it is not necessary to have the diploma or the English certificate.
These documents must be submitted by the following deadlines:

English Certificate: December 31st, 2024

Academic Title: October 16th, 2024

Early Admissions for the 4th Year of High School

It is possible to apply for the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity for the academic year 2025/26 even for students currently in their fourth year of high school.

Fourth-year students who wish to apply must complete the form below and follow the detailed process in the respective announcement.

Transfer with Credit Recognition and Access to Subsequent Years

Candidates intending to enroll in the program with recognition of previously obtained credits must:

  • successfully complete the admission procedure for the program, as specified in the respective admission announcements published on the H-FARM College website.
  • request credit recognition through the procedure outlined in this document.

For more information, write to

Application Process

Credit Recognition

To request access with credit recognition, the candidate must have completed phase 1 of the admission process (online application) as detailed in the admission announcement.


The candidate must then send an email to with the following documentation:

  • official transcript or self-certification of completed exams with their evaluations, including any upcoming exams
  • abstract/syllabus of the courses for which credit recognition is requested
  • abstract of the program in general and its educational objectives

All documents must be submitted in English or Italian, or in the original language with a certified translation in English.

Access to Subsequent Years

The year of enrollment will be determined based on the number of recognized credits:

1 Year:

less than 120 credits (less than 60 ECTS)

2 Year:

from 120 to 240 credits (from 60 ECTS to 120 ECTS)

3 Year:

more than 240 credits (more than 120 ECTS)

Tuition Fees & Financing
Fees and Payment Methods

The fee for the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity for the academic year 2024/25 is €10,980 per year. It is possible to pay the fee in three installments.
A student who pays the tuition fees after the indicated deadline in the contract will incur progressively in a penalty of €100 from the first day to the tenth day after the deadline; a penalty of €200 from the eleventh to the twentieth day after the deadline; a penalty of €200 and a block on the University career from the twenty-first day after the deadline onwards.

 1st installment

€4,180 (€780 + €3,400 if you decide to pre-enroll) to be paid during the enrollment process

 2nd installment

€3,400 to be paid by January 15, 2025

3rd installment

€3,400 to be paid by May 15, 2025


Discover financing and facilitations for the academic programs at H-FARM College

Intesa Sanpaolo
“Per Merito” Financing
“Futuriamo” Financing
The Program

This course integrates elements of computer science, management, law, and ethics, providing graduates with interdisciplinary knowledge that makes them versatile and adaptable professionals.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity not only addresses the current demand for cybersecurity skills but also equips graduates with competencies and knowledge that will remain valuable in an ever-evolving digital context.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity Curriculum



Single variable analysis with application to economics – 10 ECTS
Business English – 10 ECTS
Basic Programming and Python – 10 ECTS
Matrices and Linear algebra for Stat – 10 ECTS
Discrete Probability – 10 ECTS
Algorithms and Data Structures – 10 ECTS




Two variables analysis with applications to computer sciences – 10 ECTS
Software Engineering – 10 ECTS
Introduction to Data Bases – 10 ECTS
Introduction to Cyber Security – 10 ECTS
Introduction to Technology Governance – 10 ECTS
Introduction to Cloud Computing – 10 ECTS




Cyber Security Incident Response and Recovery – 10 ECTS
Big Data – 10 ECTS
Enterprise Architecture for the Board of Directors – 10 ECTS
Experiential term (Internship, Pre Accelerator Camp, Dissertation) – 30 ECTS



The Enhancing Courses of the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management with Cybersecurity for the academic year 2024/2025 are under development. Below, you can find the list of enhancing courses offered in the academic year 2023/2024.

  • Research Methods 1
  • Presentation Skills, Techniques & Tools
  • From Ideation to Presentation: Mastering the Art of Business Creation
  • Business English
  • Excel: Zero to Hero
  • Public Speaking and Debating Skills
  • Think Visually, Communicate Strategically
  • Introduction to AI
  • Ethics of AI
  • Foresight and future scenario analysis
  • Growth Mindset
  • Machine Learning: Zero to Hero
  • Data SQL: Zero to Hero
  • Generative AI
  • Omnichannel: dealing with complex strategies
  • Strategic Finance: Planning and Raising Funds for Success
  • Leadership and Influencing
  • The Exponential Future – Next 10’000 days
  • Creation at light speed: Mastering the Art of Building PoCs and MVPs
  • Innovation in the Digital Age: Mastering the Art of Business Models
Enhancing Courses

Enhancing Courses are a series of extra-curricular courses that integrate the knowledge provided by their academic pathway with practical skills of broad application.

Students will learn to understand their skill profile, cultivate a personal learning agenda, and develop a set of knowledge and abilities useful for understanding the needs of businesses.

Startup Mindset

We believe that the same skills and abilities that are essential for starting a startup, such as leadership, problem-solving, resilience, strategy, risk-taking, and continuous learning, are valuable in any career path.

Through a combination of theoretical and practical learning, students gain insights, methodology, and tools that can help them succeed as entrepreneurs and in any other profession.

Our study programs are ideal for those seeking to develop a versatile and comprehensive skill set.

Students of H-FARM's Media Agency, FARMedia
Two students of H-FARM participate in FutureShots 23
H-FARM students host the radio
Students brainstorm ideas at H-FARM

Our faculty consists of experienced instructors with international experience, including academics, managers, startup founders, and consultants. Our partners are leading entities in their respective fields, and our alumni are innovators in their workplaces.

To provide our students with the best opportunities to interact with this community, we have created a unique 360-degree learning experience, where learning occurs through continuous dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and experiences with guest speakers and notable personalities, through group projects, case studies, challenges, hackathons, events, networking moments, and inspirational talks.

Experiential Term

Final Experiential Term. For the development of students’ knowledge and skills.

During the second semester of the third year, all students will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned during their course of study by choosing one of the following options:

Internship project

An internship in a company or organization, in Italy or abroad, accompanied by an intensive week of lectures on research and analysis methods in the business field.


An opportunity to work closely with H-FARM consultants and develop one’s own startup project.


An individual study and research work accompanied by an intensive week of lectures on research and analysis methods in the business field.

Career Perspectives
Profili in uscita
Job on Campus
At H-FARM College, students can take advantage of various “LEARNING ON THE JOB” opportunities to enhance their employability and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

There are numerous “JOB ON CAMPUS” opportunities available, providing students with a chance to get involved, develop useful skills, and earn some income during their university years.

For instance, students can apply for positions within LUMINA, an agency structured like a real consulting firm, where professionals and faculty from H-FARM College serve as mentors.

Another opportunity is to join the FARMEDIA team, a media agency that engages in activities typical of the digital communication industry.

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