AI for Silver Generation

A training program designed to provide skills and knowledge to enable individuals over 60 – the so-called “Silver Generation” – to understand, master, and leverage to their advantage the new technologies related to Artificial Intelligence.





H-FARM Campus

€1.100 + VAT (program and lunch included)
€1.400 + VAT (program, lunches, dinners and accommodation included)


Who’s aimed at

Over 60 enthusiasts of technology, innovation and current affairs, who have had medium-high levels of responsibility in the company, or now retired entrepreneurs.


Learning outcomes

The program is designed to provide people between 60 and 75 with the elements and information to understand and use new technologies related to Artificial Intelligence to their advantage.

MAY 29
MAY 29

Session 1: Welcome to the World of AI.

Objectives: To introduce AI, dispel myths and show its presence in everyday life.
Contents: History of AI, key definitions, everyday examples.
Activity: Interactive quiz on AI myths and realities.

Session 2: AI in Art and Creativity.

Objectives: Demonstrate how AI can influence creativity and art.
Contents: Generating video music, art, and creative writing with AI.
Activity: Creating a work of art with AI tools. Interaction with art through AI and AR.

MAY 30
MAY 30

Session 3: AI in everyday life.

Objectives: Discover how generative AI tools can improve everyday tasks.
Contents: Generative AI at the service of people: creating stories, cooking recipes, finding
quickly answers, instructions and information (even complex ones) without the use of search engines.
Activity: Textual Generative AI Laboratory (ChatGPT).

Session 4: Ethics in the Age of AI.

Objectives: Reflect on the ethics and social implications of AI.
Contents: Algorithmic bias, impact on employment, privacy issues.
Activity: Group debates on ethical scenarios/roleplay on a topic of ethics applied to AI.

MAY 31
MAY 31

Session 5: ‘Infinite learner’, expanding the boundaries of knowledge with AI.

Objectives: Discover new ways of learning and growing your assets
cultural, keeping the brain active and stimulated.
Contents: Introduce AI-based tools and resources that can help users explore
new topics of interest.
Activity: Group work.

Session 6: The Future with AI.

Objectives: Stimulate reflection on the future of AI and its role in society.
Contents: Emerging trends, AI and sustainability, lifelong learning.
Activity: Collective discussion questions and answers.

H-FARM Campus

A unique place of sharing and collaboration for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts.

Located at the gates of the Venice lagoon, the H-FARM Campus is open to all and offers spaces for corporate events and meetings, sports facilities, buildings dedicated to training, catering areas, a conference hall and a library.

In your free time you will have 5,000 m2 outdoors and 1,600 m2 covered to train in tennis, padel, football, rugby, beach volleyball, baseball, BMX, skateboarding and much more.

The Campus is self-sufficient for 85% of its energy needs, thanks to extensive photovoltaic and energy storage and exchange systems.

Green mobility is encouraged through charging stations for electric vehicles, bicycles, e-bikes, golf carts and electric scooters.

hfarm college campus
hfarm college campus
hfarm college campus
H-FARM student pays attention to lectures

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