H-FARM College for companies

Leveraging our digital DNA linked to innovation, we offer executive education programs to allow companies and professionals to train on the skills they need to successfully face present and future challenges, improving their business performance and retention rate.

Our pillars

Flexibility and modularity

Each program is made up of modules combined to create the right learning path that meets the needs of companies, tailor-made both in terms of content and format.

End-2-end approach

We collaborate with our partners through their “people empowerment journey” with ad hoc projects and products.

Top experts

Our teachers and experts come from the business and digital world, they will be able to inspire you and accompany you in the best way in your training path.

Hybrid learning and always live

We offer a dynamic learning experience that combines online and offline modes of use. Joining our learning community allows companies to benefit from numerous opportunities and events.

Life in H-FARM’s canteen, La Serra
Students engage in class activities at H-FARM
Student focuses on his assignment in the study room at H-FARM
In addition to our Masters and Executive Courses we offer customized learning paths according to the training needs of your organization.


Top Management

Educational Goals

Future Foresight


Future Foresight & Anticipatory Leadership
Digital Transformation
Organizational Change
Soft and Management Skills
Design Thinking
Web 3.0
Growth Mindset

Some examples

C&G Business School

Since 2021 H-FARM College has been a partner of C&G Business School, the first Business School in Italy on alternative finance.

The C&G Business School Executive Masters, recognized with professional training credits, are provided by the teachers of the H-FARM College and take place on the H-FARM Campus. They are characterized by an innovative approach, which transforms the way of teaching and learning through dynamic teaching, the development of theoretical and practical skills and the use of new tools within a stimulating and international environment.

The courses, aimed at professionals, arise from the need to create a corporate culture in financial matters associated with the development of soft skills, oriented towards more complete managerial management.

HR Rock’n’Rule

HR Rock’n’Rule is an inter-company Academy with a limited number (20 participants maximum), with a total duration of 4 days.

It takes place in presence, at H-FARM Campus, and includes three sessions (2 days + 1 day + 1 day). The objective of the Academy is to enhance personnel management as a strategic function, with respect to the identity (archetype) and the objectives of the company. Participants work on building a new “employee journey” moving from “future readiness”, “community building” and “digital and real life story-telling” to respond effectively and innovatively to the common challenges that companies are experiencing today, focusing on the ability to deal with unforeseen situations and human relationships and interactions.

The Academy develops according to four fundamental guidelines: Talent Attraction, Talent Retention, Talent Development and Anticipatory Leadership with the “Scenario Building” technique. Participants are protagonists of knowledge transfer and hands-on sessions during which they can put into practice what they have faced in the Academy itself.

Lead into the Future
with Nakheel

Leading companies don’t just react to the future. They design it and actively shape it.

With this belief, Dubai-based real estate development giant Nakheel and H-FARM College have collaborated in 2023 to bring to life a first-of-its-kind training program called “Lead into the Future 2023”.

Two objectives:

  • Allow managers and executives to gain greater awareness of future challenges and opportunities in relation to major technological changes and social impacts
  • Promote the digital mindset as a strategic asset in the company

The program, addressed to Nakheel management and guided by our teachers, took place between Dubai, Venice and our Campus.

Moreover, companies and organizations can also choose to get in touch and discuss with H-FARM College students and stakeholders on the occasion of customized events and projects (Talk, Challenge, Contest, Hackathon,…), join internships projects or offer scholarships to talented students.

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