One Day Lessons

Immerse yourself in a stimulating and innovative educational environment, where your personal and professional growth is at the heart of everything we do.

Not just simple lessons, but dynamic and hands-on learning experiences that combine theory and practice to offer a holistic approach to education, reflecting the real needs of the job market and preparing participants to face future challenges with confidence and competence.

The courses draw inspiration from the themes and subjects of our Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Each training session provides a preview of the quality and relevance of the content in the academic programs at H-FARM College, offering the perfect opportunity to experience firsthand what it means to study on our campus.


Become a Concept Design Master

Professor: Luciano Comacchio
Duration: from 2:30 pm, to 6:30 pm
Related course: Product Design and Communication

4 hours to experience firsthand what it means to create a concept from scratch.

Tackle the creative challenges of generating an idea, starting from observation and research techniques, defining a style, an aesthetic, the media to use, and a presentation layout. Learn how to build an effective moodboard for presenting the concept to a client.

During this course, you can choose your own concept to develop under the supervision of a professional who will guide you through all the stages of creation, up to the simulated presentation to the client.


Create your Startup in one day!

Professor: Timothy O’Connell
Duration: from 2:30 pm, to 6:30 pm
Related course: Business Creation & Entrepreneurship

A practical introduction to one of the key competencies and methodologies integrated into our Business Creation & Entrepreneurship degree program.

This session delves into the art and science of generating innovative entrepreneurial ideas, crucial for any successful entrepreneur.

Our approach is enriched by H-FARM’s twenty-year legacy in creating, accelerating, and investing in some of the most successful startups in Europe, offering participants a unique insight into the practices that drive entrepreneurial success in the real world.


Bringing Digital Business to Success

Professor: Raffaele Testorelli
Duration: dalle 14:30 alle 18:30
Related courses: International Business Studies; International Business

Why do some companies achieve better results than others?
What are the factors that influence profitability, sustainability, and growth in the digital age?

We live in times of rapid change, resulting from large-scale historical trends that are shaping a world entirely different from the one we live in today, while digital technologies are transforming the way individuals and organizations conduct international business.

Understanding the competitive landscape and designing an effective strategy to guide future-ready organizations is essential for success.


Build your personal AI Agent

Professor: Diego Pizzocaro
Duration: from 2:30 pm, to 6:30 pm
Related course: AI & Data Science

The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to build an AI agent (also known as an AI assistant) that can help you excel in your studies, prepare for job interviews, and potentially get hired by a company.

By showcasing your ability to build an AI agent, you can demonstrate your valuable skills to use AI to potential employers. Your AI agent could automate tasks that assist in your academic work, support in interview preparations, or support your future job – the decision is up to you!

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