Lumina Summer School

The 2024 edition of Lumina’s Summer School is titled “Managing Business Projects in Fast-Changing Competitive Landscapes: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities”.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to manage business projects in rapidly evolving competitive scenarios, acquiring fundamental hard and soft skills for the new generations of change-makers.


People aged 18 – 24 years


24–28 June

H-FARM Campus

€2,000 + VAT (meals and accommodation)

Summer School Highlights

Sponsoring companies

The sponsoring companies support Lumina Summer School by providing scholarships for the participants.

During the Summer School you will be able to meet the sponsoring companies thanks to networking activities and insights into real business cases.

In the classroom

H-FARM Campus

Sustainable, zero impact, technologically-advanced

This Summer Program takes place at the H-FARM Campus, a unique space for sharing and collaboration among students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovation leaders.

The Campus is self-sufficient for 85% of its energy needs, thanks to extensive photovoltaic systems and energy storage and exchange.

Green mobility is encouraged through electric vehicle charging stations, bicycles, e-bikes, golf carts, and electric scooters.

It is entirely zero-impact, thanks to the repurposing of previously abandoned structures and the demolition of a former military base.

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H-FARM students in Lumina Summer School
H-FARM students work on Lumina
KPMG in H-FARM’s Lumina Summer School
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