Enhance the interaction of communities, optimize conversion rates, explore innovative marketing strategies, and discover the potential synergy between AI and creativity


Four modules to explore different facets in the evolution that digital marketing is undergoing.

Futureproofing Digital Marketing is an unconventional course, consisting of 4 independent modules. The course focuses on the importance of communities, the latest in Conversion Rate Optimization, opportunities in implementing advanced organizational models, and finally, the impact that generative AI is having on the creative sector. A unique opportunity to delve into the most innovative trends and emerging strategies in the industry to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and lead change.


H-FARM College


4 sessions, on Fridays from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


April 2024




H-FARM Campus – Roncade (TV)


The total cost is €2,990 (VAT included).


For the first 5 registrants, there is an Early Bird promotion at a total cost of €2,600 (VAT included).

Students of H-FARM participate in class
Hands-on Approach

Theoretical training, case studies, workshop moments, and exercises will innovatively combine to make the four long weekends rich in ideas and actionable insights for participants. This is not a course to become a technician but is designed to acquire the ability to communicate effectively with different specialists in the areas covered.

With this course, you will be able to:


Effectively engage in dialogue with various professionals in their respective fields (community, organization, user experience, creativity)


Learn how to leverage communities, use content to increase the reach, and boost the engagement rate of target communities.


Discover the principles of Conversion Rate Optimization, assess the effectiveness of user experience on websites, and explore the latest innovations in this field.


Evaluate how self-managed organizational models, especially within the marketing domain, enhance the resilience of the organization and its ability to adapt to market evolutions.


Gain awareness of the relationship between AI and Creativity, coupled with practical knowledge in using ChatGPT, Midjourney, and, more broadly, in the principles of prompt design.

48 hours
Date: 19-20 April 2024
Leveraging Communities to drive growth

Contemporary marketing views the community as an extremely powerful tool for customer loyalty, providing a connection with the brand that is unparalleled in terms of effectiveness. We will explore the leadership required to sustain a successful community, analyzing brand values, the involved ecosystem, and the appeal of influencers.

How is an effective community built? We will delve into the strategic actions that support the birth and development of a successful branded community, examining the strategic choice of creating a platform distributed across different channels and how this can become a growth lever for the brand’s popularity and reputation.

Date: 17-18 May 2024
Conversion Rate Optimization: The key to the future user experience

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to thoroughly understand the multifaceted world of Conversion Rate Optimization.

We will explore the fundamentals of UX and CRO, revealing how these concepts intertwine to create extraordinary digital experiences. You will learn essential principles of visual design and discover how to apply them to your UX.

You will immerse yourself in the philosophy of CRO and develop a mindset that enables you to apply CRO in every aspect of your online work.

You will also discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your UX through traditional analysis techniques and new technological frontiers, optimizing websites and apps without necessarily conducting lengthy in-person tests.

We will delve into the world of AB Testing and personalized experiences, crafting unique experiences for users.

Finally, we will address the future of AI-driven UX, envisioning future scenarios.

Date: 7-8 June 2024
Future-proofing your organization – Innovative Leadership and Change Management through Evolved Organizational Models

The “Future-proofing your organization” module challenges participants to explore innovative strategies and change management practices, with a particular emphasis on creating a distinctive competitive advantage through business anti-fragility.

Through in-depth analyses of organizational models based on self-managed organizations, especially within the realms of marketing, participants will acquire the skills necessary to develop proactive leadership and a long-term vision, thereby ensuring the sustainability and resilience of the organization in a continuously evolving context.

Date: 28-29 June 2024
AI and Creativity: Evolution in Progress

Opportunity or risk? Let’s step into the archetype of today’s creative department:

How are generative AIs changing processes, execution, and essentially the way today’s creatives imagine?

We’ll analyze the risks but, more importantly, the opportunities that the new scenario presents.

“Creativity” in marketing is the result, often unspoken, of two large reservoirs of knowledge: the humanistic and the technical.

Let’s learn to make the most of these new tools, both theoretically and in practice: the journey will also guide us in understanding how to use tools like Midjourney, with a practical focus on visual prompt design, and ChatGPT, for the textual aspect.

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