The 90% of all digital data is visual.
Images are the fundamental tool in any strategic communication.


The use of digital communication is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace.
New media platforms are emerging, from Instagram to TikTok.

As users, we no longer seek objects, products, or services, but personalized experiences. The ability to tell a story requires a strategic use of visual theory and practical storytelling methodologies. Only in this way can we create a broad impact with diverse audiences.

Brands like Nike know how to tell experiences as stories and evoke emotions that drive the sales of their products, without directly discussing the product itself. As we will discover together, the same applies to the world of the Third Sector.


H-FARM Business School & The Visual Storytelling Academy


4 sessions, on Fridays from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and Saturdays from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm,


February 2024




H-FARM Campus – Roncade (TV)


The total cost is €2,990 (including VAT).


For those who enroll by August 30, 2023, an Early Bird promotion is available for a total of €2,600 (including VAT).

Professor Massimiliano Fusari in class with H-FARM students
Masterclasses, case studies, scenarios, and role-playing, with practical exercises for analysis and production.

The Executive Course in Storytelling, Image and Strategy is the only one in Europe that allows you to develop the visual storytelling skills required in all sectors, from marketing to communication, from sales to human resources.

The course is open to all professionals, from social media managers to content creators, from traders to journalists.

With this Executive Course, you will be able to:


Handle different forms and communicative models of digital storytelling.


Effectively use visual forms of communication.


Engage in visualization activities through mind-mapping and storyboarding.


Analyze and produce storytelling communication projects.


Think strategically and actively contribute to visual storytelling projects.

corso master executive storytelling
48 hours of training in the H-FARM Campus
Dates: February 23-24, 2024
Theory and practice of strategic storytelling

Storytelling has become a buzzword, but what is it really? How can we leverage the ‘digital’ quality of storytelling? And how can we interpret a communication challenge to choose the right communication grammar and achieve our goals?

Dates: March 22-23, 2024
From storytelling to story-showing

After learning how to tell a story, we will understand how to tell a ‘visual story.’ Visual language is the primary form of any digital activity. How does it work? Why and how is it different from verbal language? How can we strategically use the potential, often overlooked or outright ignored, of visuals as the cornerstone of communication in the Non-Profit and For-Profit sectors? In other words, how can we transition from story-telling to story-showing?

Dates: April 12-13, 2024
Transforming your business with mind-mapping and storyboarding

Mind-mapping and storyboarding: an experiential workshop to put into practice techniques for visualizing ideas and processes in the form of storytelling.

Dates: May 3-4, 2024
The strategic application of visual storytelling to a For-Profit / Non-Profit project

In this module, you will research, prepare, and produce a visual storytelling project, which will then be presented in an hack-day to a panel of experts.

Director of the Program

We strongly believe that theoretical knowledge is not sufficient and that the “practical” component, the ability to “do,” must be the defining element of the faculty we bring into our classrooms.

The course is designed by Massimiliano Fusari, PhD, an academic lecturer and professional consultant with twenty years of experience working with companies, research institutions, governments, and UN agencies.

Massimiliano Fusari designs, creates, and develops digital marketing campaigns and strategic storytelling.

Scientific Director of the Executive Course | Senior Digital Global Consultant | Full professor at H-FARM College
Professor Massimiliano Fusari at H-FARM

At H-FARM College since 2021, Massimiliano Fusari is a full professor and a consultant in storytelling and communication strategy, with over 25 years of training and consulting activities from Morocco to China, for public and private entities, governments, and numerous United Nations agencies.

In 2014, he completed his PhD on the theory and practice of Visual Storytelling and founded The Visual Storytelling Academy. In 2016, he established the Digital & Interactive Storytelling LAB at the University of Westminster. His monograph, “Aesthetics as Storytelling” (to be published by Intellect in 2024), proposes a new grammar of digital communication based on Storytelling and Story-Showing.

In university courses as well as in consulting, Fusari uses storytelling as a research, production, and strategy tool to create social culture and manage changes in marketing and communication.

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