MASTER EXECUTIVE Digital Enterpreneurship


Today’s world is constantly evolving, and the competitiveness of the job market requires professionals to stay updated on new trends and technologies.

Traditional skills are no longer sufficient to remain relevant in a world where technological innovation, globalization, and social dynamics are changing the way companies operate and interact with the market.

For those who want to launch a new business or accelerate their career, being able to adapt to rapid changes and having an entrepreneurial vision have become essential elements for success.


Part-time Master:

  • 1 extended weekend consisting of 2 modules (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • 6 regular weekends (Friday afternoon, Saturday)
  • 1 final workshop “Make a Startup” (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)




October 2024


Super Early Bird: for the first 5 registrations, the cost of the Master is €8,415.00 (VAT included)

Early Bird: from the 6th to the 10th registration, the cost of the Master is €8,910.00 (VAT included)

Full Price: from the 11th registration onwards, the cost of the Master is €9,900.00 (VAT included)

Individual modules: it is possible to purchase individual modules of the Master at a cost of €990.00 (VAT included). Write to for more information.

H-FARM students brainstorm in class
H-FARM student takes notes in class
Learning method

Benefits and exclusive features of our course


The teaching methodology follows a hybrid approach, combining classroom training, online learning moments, and individual insights.


In-person at the H-FARM campus, from Friday to Saturday afternoon, including workshops, group work, discussions over meals, and in the garden.


At the beginning and end of the training program with overnight stays at H-FARM facilities, to get to know other participants and learn together.


To build or consolidate theoretical foundations and/or address concrete problems, one-on-one with great guests.

Students discuss ideas for the idea-pitch session at H-FARM
Inspirational talk in the big hall at H-FARM
Inspirational talk on sales format in college at H-FARM
Class on storytelling at H-FARM

The Master in Digital Entrepreneurship combines the experience of high-level professionals and successful business cases, offering concrete tools to improve business activities and do something never seen before.

The Course

The entire program consists of 9 modules:

The first two modules (Storytelling & Executive Communication and Phygital & Metaverse Marketing) will be held in a single extended weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday in person). The following 6 modules will be held from Friday to Saturday in person, with one online session during the week.

The concluding workshop, Make a Startup, will be in an extended weekend format.

The Master’s modules:
Storytelling & Executive Communication
Phygital & Metaverse Marketing
Creativity and Leadership
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Strategies and Business Plans
Project Management & Agile Methodologies
Venture Capital & Fundraising for Innovation
People & Culture
Final Workshop: Make a Startup

Who is it for?

The Master’s modules address topics ideal for those aspiring to accelerate their careers in dynamic companies, start their own startups, and focus their growth and training in the most advanced sectors and dynamic markets.


Who want to acquire cross-functional skills to grow internally and change the course of their company or take a new career path with a study program that makes them competent in the digital field from every angle.


Who understand the speed of change and the urgency of leading it with structured managerial skills in key areas of business management and growth, supported by a high-profile international network.


Who want to enter the workforce and complete their training with cutting-edge topics and practical experiences in close contact with industry professionals.


The international experience of the faculty provides students with a stimulating opportunity to interact with successful professionals from companies such as Google, Microsoft, and many others.

Each student will be assigned a mentor chosen from professionals holding key positions in:

Consulting firms

(e.g., McKinsey, BCG, Accenture)

Digital giants

(e.g., Google, Facebook, Amazon)

Successful startups

(e.g., Nexi, Vaxess, Marshmallow Games)

A practical and concrete approach to immediately apply acquired skills

Classes are composed of a maximum of 25 people, ensuring a mix of profiles and experiences to facilitate the exchange of perspectives and ideas.
Students can deepen the topics covered through case studies, research, publications (such as Harvard Business Review articles), and talks.
In the final 3-day workshop, participants, organized in groups, design, develop, and present a startup project to a panel of investors.


Upon completion of the master’s program:

The Master is aimed at digital entrepreneurs who want to modernize and transform their own reality from within, professionals who want to accelerate their careers in dynamic companies, and students who want to direct their growth and education towards more advanced sectors.

Tuition & Financing

The Executive Master’s degree can be purchased with these formulas


For the first 5 enrollments, the cost of the Master is €8,415.00 (including VAT).


From the 6th to the 10th enrollment, the cost of the Master is €8,910.00 (including VAT).


From the 11th enrollment onwards, the cost of the Master is €9,900.00 (including VAT).


It is possible to purchase individual modules of the Master for €990.00 (including VAT).

Write to for more information.

Intesa Sanpaolo
“Per Merito” Financing
“Futuriamo” Financing
Openness, courage and communication

To enroll in the Executive Master in Digital Entrepreneurship, you don’t need to have a specific degree or specialized work experience. We are looking for people who meet the following criteria. The Executive Master in Digital Entrepreneurship is right for you if:

You have a desire for innovation in your company and in your life.
You are ready to experience unconventional forms of learning.
You want to develop and combine cross-functional skills.
You believe that attitude and practice are more valuable than theoretical knowledge.
You enjoy collaborating with diverse groups to solve previously unseen problems.
You are not afraid to change course when things change.
H-FARM students working on their projects
Admission process

To apply, you need to fill out the application form by clicking the “APPLY” button and selecting the Executive Master in Digital Entrepreneurship.

Our committee will evaluate the application based on the candidate’s curriculum, past experiences, and motivation.
The outcome will be communicated within one week.

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