a fast paced, sales and operations, intelligence path

9.3 million new sales jobs available in the next three years could remain unfilled due to a lack of skills

It is to address this need that BEAT Academy was created, offering a unique and high-quality training program tailored to the concrete needs of the workforce, with the support of a consortium of six major companies who, together with H-FARM College, have designed and built an excellent educational proposal.

BEAT Academy focuses on Sales Intelligence, which encompasses all the skills necessary to plan and manage the digital user experience for purchasing goods or services.

Currently, these skills are not easily found in the job market, as there is often a gap between the knowledge acquired in universities and the skills required to manage business processes facilitated by CRM and ERP software.

A funded, qualified, and customized training experience

BEAT Academy consists of four phases:

instructional (learning), placement (work placement), enhancing weekends (completion and enrichment of training), and continuous learning (continuing learning even after starting to work).

The Academy is funded by a consortium of companies committed to providing a concrete response to the increasing demand for training, not only in our country.

H-FARM professor delivers a lecture to the class

Supporting companies

Looking at the younger generations, seeking bright students

Companies have an ever-growing need to include junior professionals who are already prepared in customer journey and product management topics, especially in contexts where digital transformation plays a central role in brand development strategies.

The supporting companies for BEAT Academy commit to covering:

PwC Italy: 10 positions;
Bulgari: 4 positions;
Geox: 4 positions;
Pixartprinting: 2 positions;
Zoppas Industries: 2 positions;
Benetton Group: 1 positions;
Loro Piana: 1 positions.

In-depth and rigorous upskilling in Customer Journey and Operations

The Academy targets young professionals with a few years of experience and recent graduates in economics, computer science, and mathematics who want to pursue a career in the world of business processes related to customer journey and operations & finance.

The program includes 240 hours of training and two three-month internships in two companies from the consortium, providing a unique opportunity to enhance knowledge of critically strategic applications for business development. There is also the potential for continued employment with one of the companies.

Upon completion of the Academy, participants will have:

Gained in-depth knowledge of customer journey and received horizontal training on business processes

Completed two internships of three months each, applying the acquired knowledge and skills in a real company setting

Practical experience with CRM and/or ERP

Developed skills in process strategy, data knowledge, and smart mentality

Students at H-FARM pay attention in class

General information:

Available positions: 24

Price: €7.500,00. Costs are covered by the supporting companies. Accommodation included

Duration: 8 mont

Location: First two months hybrid: H-FARM Campus and online; six months in companies, Enhancing Weekends at H-FARM Campus

Language: Italian

Requirements: Refer to the call for applications.

Application deadline: February 22, 2023

Results and enrollment closing: March 1, 2023

Start: March 6, 2023

For information:

Two intensive months of blended learning

The lessons focus on the use of tools and concepts of Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Journey, Operations and Finance, Data Analytics, and Data Security.

In this phase, participants’ acquired skills are tested to determine a ranking that will be used by companies to select students for the Company Experiences phase.

Two three-month company experiences

The second phase of the Academy involves two training experiences in companies where participants can effectively apply the knowledge acquired, assuming their assigned roles and implementing the content learned in the classroom.

  • Participants are placed full-time in the Academy’s partner companies
  • Activation of an extra-curricular internship
  • 2 Experiences of 3 months for each participant
  • Opportunity for companies to offer participants a job position
Five weekends of practical training

Over the course of six months, five weekends are dedicated to consolidating and refining the acquired knowledge, participating in counseling sessions, and receiving feedback on technical and professional challenges encountered.

The Enhancing Weekends are structured as follows:

  • Practical workshops and learning activities based on sharing challenges encountered during work experiences.
  • Activities covering additional topics and content developed to complement participants’ skills and knowledge.
Talks and case studies for Academy Alumni

After completing the BEAT Academy, participants can join Beat Alumni, a dedicated learning community that provides access to events, inspirational talks, conferences, sports events, hackathons, and other initiatives by H-FARM.
H-FARM College will also award an Open Badge to participants.

Open Badges are “open technological standards” defined by the Mozilla Foundation and used by over 14,000 organizations worldwide to:

  • Identify acquired skills
  • Collect and highlight educational experiences
  • Effectively communicate competencies

During the Instructional Phase

240 hours of blended training structured to provide knowledge and skills in CRM, ERP, Cybersecurity, and Marketing, crucial elements for ensuring a smooth and effective user experience when purchasing a product or service.

BEAT Academy is designed to enhance participants’ skills through a flexible, online, and offline growth path, providing them with two direct field experimentation experiences and potential employment opportunities with the supporting brands.

Download the brochure and consult the full program of BEAT Academy!

Marketing Strategy;
Customer Relationship Management


These two fundamental courses consolidate the strategic knowledge and skills needed to design the customer journey, while also providing an engaging, efficient, and immersive training experience.

The Marketing Strategy and CRM modules equip participants with all the necessary tools to approach the other subjects with confidence.

Customer Journey;
Operations & Finance


Customer Journey with Salesforce
The goal of this module is to create hybrid professionals who understand the customer journey, can communicate effectively with customers, and possess the technical skills to implement efficient software solutions.

Operations & Finance with SAP
The goal of this module is to train talents who can navigate the finance & reporting and operations & logistics domains, acquiring cross-functional skills catalyzed by the ERP.

Data Analytics;
Data Security


The Data Analytics and Data Security courses aim to deepen participants’ understanding of databases, both in statistical usage and in the areas of security and privacy.

These courses provide participants with the fundamental principles of statistics and data analytics processes, essential for understanding software functionality.

Admission process

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Required documents:

  • Personal information
  • Academic curriculum
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational video
  • Assessment

Online interview in Italian
Duration: 10-15 minutes

Final ranking

The candidate’s final evaluation is the result of an average of the scores assigned by representatives of the supporting companies and H-FARM College.

Results and enrollment

Enrollment form:
Successful candidates must enroll in BEAT Academy by the deadlines indicated in the call for applications, using the enrollment form received via email.

Room with two beds and a study table at Villa Annia (student accommodation)

Accommodation included

The cost of accommodation is included.

BEAT Academy participants will stay at Villa Annia, H-FARM’s Guest House, located near the Sile Park and offering private parking.

Single or double rooms with private bathrooms and shared spaces are available.

Enter your personal and academic information, upload your CV, a motivational video, and complete the assignment to apply for BEAT Academy!

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