Lead into the Future
Lead into the Future
H-FARM College and Nakheel

Leading companies don’t just react to the future. They design it and actively shape it.

H-FARM College and Nakheel engaged into a long-term partnership to invest on the development of Nakheel human resources to position the company at the forefront of the market in terms of visionknowledge and digital mindset.

H-FARM College is investing with its own intellectual capital to power up the Nakheel Digital Excellence Academy.

Nakheel and H-FARM College join forces to shape a unique program named “Lead into the Future 2023” in order to:

  • Open the vision and knowledge through an understanding of future challenges and opportunities in relationship to big technology shifts and societal impacts
  • Foster adoption of digital mindset to become a learning organisation embracing future developments with a strong can-do attitude in term of operational change using state of the art methods and techniques

The areas of improvement to strategically position Nakheel in the lead for the future challenges:


Enabling the change through leadership.

From anticipatory leadership to storytelling, from the Learning organisation to the new business models, it will propose new approaches to how to change and how to create value in a digital world. The final result is confidence and trust in the change while inspiring happiness and positive attitude.


Looking at the big picture through the lens of scenarios.

Participants will increase awareness of the future challenges and opportunities to power up the enterprise vision.

It will extend their field of view, it will stretch their legs of imagination and learn to extract key elements of the future as a compass for decisions in the present.
As final result the participants will be able to enrich the development of a compelling vision and positioning.


The key technologies that are revolutionizing our world.

The knowledge is articulated on two complementary points of view: the first is vertical on Property & Real Estate (Construction 4.0, Property tech) and the second is horizontal on the enabling technologies (e.g.: Web 3.0, Blockchain, AR/VR, Metaverse, AI).

As a final result attendants will master new technologies and be able to apply it in the specifics of Nakheel business.


A modern way to run the business.

The capability focuses on how to change the way you do things using all the advancements in knowledge and technology. It covers from how to run the business with Digital Operational Excellence, to the changes and possibilities of new customer experience in a phygital world. How to execute the digital transformation journey complete the offering. As a final result, attendants get the know-how about improving performance using advanced tech and methods.


Getting ready for what the future holds.

This seminar is custom designed for Nakheel leadership and it is targeted to create two effects on attendants: an eye opener on the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming future scenarios and a sense of urgency in terms of change.

The education journey

Exponential Age

The Exponential Age is going to change not only the way we do business, but the entire human history. What will happen in the next 30 years, will have impacts bigger than the previous 3,000 years of human history. The exponential gap is in front of many companies.

First, we show how the construction industry performs in this environment compared to the whole market. With this in mind, we jump into future scenarios where humanity will break limits thought as impossible until today.

We learn about how future “breakthrough scenarios” can drive the short-term direction and positioning by looking at real examples and exercising in small groups.

In each “breakthrough scenario”, participants will find subjects specifically relevant to Construction, Real Estate & Hospitality business segments.


A full day to analyse the evolution of management and look into the more advanced trends in Leadership applied to the exponential age.

After having travelled into the future, we introduce in the big picture a key subject as the changes needed in Leadership and people development.

We will focus primarily on one specific style of leadership called Anticipatory Leadership, the leadership of the exponential age.

Meet H-FARM College students

A full day to spend in H-FARM Campus while discussing how to deliver successful business changes with a particular focus on the digital and growth mindset.

The day includes peer exchange and inspiring moments with prominent speakers such as Fabrizio Majorana (CEO SixSigma), David Cis (Group COO Generali), Carolina Vagnarelli (BD & Strategic Partnership Manager at Centounopercento) and Daniele Modesto (CEO Zero Farm).

The attendants also have the unique opportunity to meet a group of H-FARM College students to explore how the next-gen is looking at some of the future trends we’ve discussed, in a very engaging format.

Digital Operational Excellence

A deep dive into fundamental issues such as the Digital Operational Excellence – a set of techniques, methods and technologies driving higher productivity at lower cost – as well as storytelling as a powerful tool to communicate with impact.
Participants are engaged in sessions to discuss how to drive change at company level thanks to the Digital Transformation.

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