EXECUTIVE MASTER Global Operational Excellence with AI and Emerging Technologies


Achieving operational excellence through the use of technology and digital transformation: this is the perfect educational path for managers and executives who want to anticipate signals of change and face future challenges. Disruptive changes are shaping industrial contexts, creating new professions and requiring skills that did not exist until recently. In this scenario, technology becomes a valuable ally to tackle increasingly complex challenges and build resilient companies capable of generating value.

The adoption of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning, and Mobile Computing can provide a crucial competitive advantage, enabling fast and continuous achievement of operational excellence.


H-FARM College in collaboration with KEY VALUE


Part-time Master: 2 extended weekends (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday); 9 regular weekends (Friday afternoon, Saturday).




1st semester 2024


Overnight stay included

Base: €13,500.00 (+ VAT) including 250 hours of training

Platinum: €15,000.00 (+ VAT) including 330 hours of training and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Without overnight stay

Base: € 12.500 (+ VAT)
Platinum: € 14.000 (+ VAT)

*Individual Modules available.
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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

H-FARM students immersed in their project

Benefits of the Master’s Program

+ 0%
Reduce Process Lead Time and Time to Market by up to 80%
+ 0%
Reduce the required Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for process execution by up to 60%
+ 0%
Eliminate, standardize, and reduce operational defects and risks by up to 90% through risk management approaches and what-if analysis.

Learning Method


Study trends to develop key skills for the “future”.


We guarantee maximum quality and depth to develop technical skills and essential knowledge.


We combine frontal, experiential, and on-the-job learning, supported by academic leaders and professionals.


Learning is a continuous process to keep up with technological evolution.


Our H-FARM learning community promotes the exchange of best practices among different actors.


Students bring business challenges, face practical lessons, simulations, assignments, and theoretical/practical models.


The acquired skills respond to the future needs of the market, thanks to trend analysis by a committee of experts.


Over 50 hours of networking and company visits to exchange knowledge and discover best practices.

Discover Uniqueness:
Advantages and Exclusive Features of Our Course

Innovative managers and executives: how to anticipate changes and activate levers of efficiency and effectiveness.

The current situation requires professionals capable of anticipating changes, identifying and activating all possible levers of efficiency and effectiveness, understanding technology and its potential, and designing increasingly flexible organizations capable of adapting. These are challenges that cannot be ignored to avoid becoming obsolete and not surviving in an ever-evolving market.

Technical skills and cross-functional mindset:
the winning combination.

Technical skills alone are not enough. They must be accompanied by a cross-functional mindset that, through technology, helps capture opportunities for rethinking and redesigning operational processes. The key is a training system capable of providing a continuous path of knowledge, stimuli, information, and updated evolutionary scenarios to support the need for new technical skills and a flexible mindset capable of countering the obsolescence of content and processes through a direct connection between work, business, and professions.

Training for Future Professionals

The “Executive Master in Digital Operational Excellence” has been developed to train professionals capable of anticipating even the weakest signals of change. The high-level training path combines digital skills, from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Big Data, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and the Metaverse, with the typical skills of Operational Excellence necessary for the proper management and optimization of processes and, more generally, organizations.

6 Months of Intensive Training for Managers and Executives

The Executive Master in Digital Operational Excellence is a 6-month weekend program designed for managers and executives who feel the need to address the challenges related to the optimization of production and service processes, maximizing the potential of digital transition and industrial implementation of new technologies.

Students collaborating on a project at H-FARM
Ongoing discussion in the classroom
Students at H-FARM discuss their projects outside of class
H-FARM students working on their assignments in the study room

10 weekend immersivi in formula part time residenziale, 280 ore di formazione (330 nella versione Platinum), docenti con competenze sia accademiche che di business, un comitato scientifico con 20 C-Level delle migliori aziende europee, networking e coaching individuale. Il tutto nel campus di innovazione più grande di Europa e per due moduli nel Metaverso.

















Introductory Module
Module A
Module B
Module C
Module D
Module E
Module Metaverse
A chi si rivolge

The master is aimed at managers, executives, process managers, and “high-potential” individuals within any productive or service organization. It is designed for managers and executives who want to acquire specialized knowledge in operations management, learn industry best practices, and develop essential leadership skills for managing successful teams. The master also helps improve understanding of business processes and develop greater awareness of the strategic aspects of business operations.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main target roles for the Executive Master:

Chief Operations Officer:

To lead the digital transformation of operations within the company, gaining insights into future trends and strategic skills related to operations and emerging technologies to optimize processes and remain competitive in the digital era.

Head of Continuous Improvement:

To develop an integrated vision of technology and continuous process improvement, enabling the implementation of innovative solutions and leading change to achieve operational excellence.

Head of Process Re-engineering & Automation:

To acquire advanced skills in the application of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and process automation, enabling effective process reengineering and automation.

Head of Project Management Office:

To obtain a solid foundation of skills that integrates project management with the latest digital technologies. This training path will enable them to successfully lead transformation projects, optimizing processes and maximizing business value.

Operations & Supply Chain Manager:

To develop skills in emerging technologies and process optimization. This training program offers essential tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and effectively manage the supply chain.

Management Consultant:

To expand skills in the field of digital transformation and operational excellence, being able to provide high-value consulting to companies to achieve successful results.

Why Choose the Master

“In the coming years, companies will have to deal with two elements: an inevitable generational shift – Gen Z will be the company’s reference target – and at the same time an ever-increasing speed with which innovations will enter the market. Hence, the duty of companies to adapt to change.”
Massimo Paloni
Chief Operations and Innovation Officer Bulgari
“Competition on different markets, which no longer has geographies, much less reference sectors, requires a profound review of business models. Consequently, it becomes essential for companies to review the operating model with which they produce goods or provide services.”
Fabio Tommassini
Chief Executive Officer Risparmio Casa
“Skills related to data analysis and management will be increasingly crucial in operations. In a rapidly evolving world, it will be increasingly important to provide company management with all the tools to make the best choices.”
Fabrizio Caranci
Global Digital Medicine Executive Director Angelini Pharma
The Faculty and Scientific Committee

A highly qualified and passionate faculty, supported by a scientific committee composed of top players in digital operations from the best European companies.

Chief Learning Architect, Professor of AI & Big Data H-FARM
Chief Executive Officer Key Value
Board Members of the Scientific Committee

Alessandro Di Pietro
Global Technology Platform Leader Director at Kenvue

Andrea Vittadini
Chief Executive Officer at AMF

Antonio Marino
Chief Operating Officer BNL (BNP Paribas)

Benedetto Mangiante
Chief Executive Officer at Nexive

Fabio Tomassini
Chief Executive Officer Risparmio Casa

Fabrizio Caranci
Global Digital Medicine Executive Director at Angelini

Francesco Minà
Senior Director Make Asset Management CoE The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Livio Beghini
Chief Executive Officer at Datwyler Pharma Packaging Italy

Lorenza Guerra Seragnoli
President and Founder at LGS SportLab

Luigi Vassallo
Chief Technology Officer at Sara Assicurazioni

Marcello Matarrelli
Global Head of Corporate Program Office at Menarini

Massimo Paloni
Chief Operations and Innovation Officer at Bulgari

Oscar Petrucci
Head of Global Channels at Unicredit

Paolo Silipo
Director of Operations at Montenegro

Pierluigi Turriziani
Director of Worldwide Supply Chain Excellence at Gucci

Rubattu Leonardo
Chief Executive Officer UnipolPay, Chairman of the Board at Satispay

Saverio Ferraro
Chief Operating Officer, Deputy General Manager IFITALIA (BNP Paribas)

Stefania Rausa
Head of Marketing Communication and Distant Sales at Edenred

Valerio Trombetta
Head of Strategy and Sustainability at Toscana Aeroporti

Upon completion of the master’s program:

Opportunity to obtain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, delivered by the Six Sigma Management Institute of Dr. Mikel J. Harry, upon integration of dedicated training modules and completion of a comprehensive exam at the end of the course. Certification is included in the Platinum version of the Executive Master.

Residential Part-Time Format

11 immersive weekends, 330 hours of training, faculty with both academic and business expertise, a scientific committee with 20 C-Level executives from the top European companies, networking, and individual coaching. All of this takes place in Europe’s largest innovation campus and includes two modules in the Metaverse.

Tuition & Financing

Il Master Executive può essere acquistato in formula base e platinum.


€13.500,00 (+ IVA) comprensivi di 250 ore di formazione


€15.000,00 (+ IVA) comprensivi di 330 ore di formazione e Certificazione Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

“Futuriamo” Financing
Interprofessional Funds
for Businesses
Tax Credit
for Donations

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