MASTER’S DEGREE Product Design and Communication


The role of the art director is evolving, and with it, the ways in which this profession is practiced: it’s no longer about an individual but rather multiple figures capable of working in total synergy. Pure creative talent is not enough; one must be able to express themselves at the highest technical levels by choosing the best operational strategy.

At the Master’s in Design and Product Communication, we specifically train these key figures through the most comprehensive educational experience available today in the product communication market.


H-FARM College


University of Chichester


Master’s Degree


Full time, 12 months




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of the students complete the program within the expected timeframe
of the students receive a job offer from the company where they completed their internship
the average graduation grade
meetings with guest speakers, startups, and CEOs every year
of the students who decide to work after graduation, find employment within 6 months
Why a Master’s Degree in Product Design & Communication

The goal of our Master is to train the innovators and professionals of the future, and to do so, we have focused on the skills most in demand in the working world. To ensure this continuity between education and employment, we have selected a faculty composed of professionals working in synergy with the most important industries in the field. Moreover, throughout the course duration, participants will have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment.


You will find information about requirements, the selection process, and timelines in the Admission Notice.

Entry requirements


Students intending to apply for the Master’s Degree in Design and Product Communication must:

  • Hold a university degree obtained at an Italian university (Bachelor’s Degree) or possess a first-level diploma from the Higher Education in Art and Music sector.
  • Currently be enrolled in a three-year degree program at an Italian university or be currently enrolled in a program in the Higher Education in Art and Music sector.
  • Have completed a study cycle abroad and possess a foreign degree recognized as suitable for admission.

Exceptionally, candidates not falling into the categories mentioned above may be considered eligible for admission to the MSc in Design and Product Communication program.

For more information, please refer to the admission notice.

Deadline for submitting missing documents

Any documents not submitted during the application phase must be delivered by the following deadlines:

Bachelor’s Degree: December 31, 2024

For further information, please refer to the admission notice

The admission process

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
STEP 1 – Online application

You can apply through the form available on this page. During this process, you will need to provide various pieces of information, including:

  • Your personal details,
  • The degree certificate or equivalent qualification with the transcript of exams. If you are still studying at the time of application, provide the enrollment certificate with the transcript of exams (for exceptional cases, refer to the announcement),
  • A motivational video – consult the guide published on our website,
  • Your resume.
STEP 2 – Interview

After submitting your application online, the Admission Team will send you an invitation for a motivational interview with the coordinator.

STEP 3 – Application outcome

After the interview, you will receive the outcome of your application via email.

STEP 4 – Pre-enrollment or Enrollment

Candidates who are admitted will have the opportunity to accept the place and proceed with pre-enrollment or enrollment, depending on the cases, as indicated below:

ROUND 1 – Admitted candidates can pre-enroll in the course:

  • by completing the pre-enrollment form received via email;
  • by paying the deposit on the first installment of the tuition fee for the academic year 2024/2025.

IN THE OTHER ROUNDS – Admitted candidates can enroll in the course:

  • by completing the enrollment form received via email;
  • by paying the first installment of fees for the academic year 2024/2025.
Application Timeline

For the academic year 2024/25, there will be 5 application rounds with the timing outlined in the table below.

  • Candidatura online
  • Colloquio
  • Risultati
  • Pre-immatricolazione
  • Immatricolazione
  • 1 ROUND
  • 03/11 – 15/05
  • 17/05
  • 20/01
  • entro il 05/06
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 2 ROUND
  • 16/05 – 13/06
  • 15/06
  • 19/06
  • 01 – 31/07
  • 3 ROUND
  • 14/06 – 24/07
  • 26/07
  • 28/07
  • entro il 07/08
  • 4 ROUND
  • 25/07 – 28/08
  • 30/08
  • 01/09
  • entro il 07/09
  • Entro il 11/10
  • Rolling
  • il giorno successivo al colloquio
  • Entro 3 giorni dalla ricezione del risultato e in ogni caso entro il 16/10
Tuition & Financing
Fees and Payment methods

The fee for the Master’s Degree in Design and Product Communication for the academic year 2024/25 is €15,500. It will be possible to pay this amount in three installments, following this schedule:

1st installment

€5,700 (€800 + €4,900 if you choose to pre-enroll) to be paid during the enrollment procedure.

2nd installment

€4,900 to be paid by January 15, 2025.

3rd installment

€4,900 to be paid by May 15, 2025.

Admitted candidates can take advantage of the following discounts:

A 15% discount will be assigned in chronological order to the first 5 admitted candidates who confirm their place in the program through the enrollment or pre-enrollment procedure.

The fee to be paid will be €13,170 instead of €15,500, and the payment will be made in 3 installments:

1st installment:

€4,924 (€800 + €4,124 if you choose to pre-enroll) to be paid during the enrollment procedure.€4,123 to be paid by January 15, 2024

2nd installment:

€4,123 to be paid by January 15, 2025

3rd installment:

€4,123 to be paid by May 15, 2025


A 10% discount will be assigned in chronological order to the second set of 5 admitted candidates who confirm their place in the program through the enrollment or pre-enrollment procedure.

The fee to be paid will be €13,950 instead of €15,500, and the payment will be made in 3 installments:

1st installment:

€5,184 (€800 + €4,384 if you choose to pre-enroll) to be paid during the enrollment procedure

2nd installment:

€4,383 to be paid by January 15, 2025

3rd installment:

€4,383 to be paid by May 15, 2025

The student who makes the payment of university fees beyond the deadline specified in the contract will incur progressively:

A penalty of €100.

from the first day to the tenth day after the deadline

A penalty of €200.

from the eleventh to the twentieth day after the deadline

A penalty of €200.

and a freeze on the University career from the twenty-first day after the deadline onwards


Discover funding and facilitations for academic programs at H-FARM College

Intesa Sanpaolo
Finanziamento “Per Merito”
Finanziamento “Futuriamo”
The program

Through this master’s program, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the world of design, with a particular focus on how its principles are integrated into new technologies.

The Master’s program spans 12 months, during which students will participate in internal competitions, utilize professional equipment, and put themselves to the test with exercises, practical labs, and workshops to pave the way for a future with top brands in the industry.

Curriculum Master’s Degree in Product Design and Communication

Design Tools – 10 ECTS

During this module, students will learn to use essential tools for creating digital presentations of a concept, a creative idea, or a design object. They will focus on the creation, processing, and representation, both in 2D and 3D, of graphic objects and images. Students will acquire skills for creating digital presentations or print-oriented materials, using software for image creation, text, and graphic layout.

Brand Design – 10 ECTS

What does branding mean? In the contemporary scenario where social communication channels are increasingly pushing companies to reinvent their visual identity, rebranding activities are commonplace. During this module, students will analyze the contemporary landscape to learn how to build and define a brand’s identity today, developing their own style and language of communication. Working alongside graphic designers, students will learn the basics of brand equity, strategy, and brand values, gaining a 360-degree view of identity design. They will use graphic and layout programs such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to create content like logos, pictograms, vectors, images, and fonts.

Web Design – 10 ECTS

In this module, students will learn how to create websites and applications for both mobile devices and desktops using programming languages. In the first part of the module, students will study HTML to define the content of the website, and later CSS to apply the style. Students will progressively implement more interactive elements, creating more complex applications in JavaScript. The objective of this module is to simultaneously work on web design and development to understand concepts such as information architecture, responsive design, and accessibility.

Photography – 10 ECTS

This module will provide an in-depth exploration of the evolution of photography, both from a historical and technical perspective. This will enable the acquisition of a solid foundation upon which to develop and enhance one’s photographic skills. This practice-oriented module supports students in developing technical skills while also gaining an understanding of how photography can be used as a means of communication.

Through the development of a photographic project, students will build skills in brand photography, portraiture, photography of moving objects, and narrative photography.

Video Making – 10 ECTS

The creation of video advertisements is a powerful tool in communicating the brand’s values.

This module covers both pre-production and post-production elements in filmmaking. Students will develop both their technical and artistic skills, learning the grammar and structure inherent in the art to become better storytellers.

Through a solid technical understanding, students will work as part of a team to solve problems by implementing workflows for specific post-production scenarios. Workflows will include working with a variety of resources, including audio, graphics, metadata, and video.

Digital Arts – 10 ECTS

Digital Art represents the new frontier of web content. With the spread of innovations like the metaverse and artificial intelligence, the creation of digital content is changing rapidly and continuously.

On one hand, auction houses are selling virtual content, while on the other hand, fashion brands are using avatars as brand ambassadors.

To create digital artistic content, it is necessary to possess a wide range of knowledge, ranging from 3D to rendering digital animations.

In this module, students will learn to work as digital artists, using the most famous techniques and tools employed by contemporary 3D artists. They will use 3D design software, texture painting, photorealistic rendering, digital animations, and post-production tools, expressing themselves freely to find their own style. They will be guided by professional instructors who will transfer their methods and field experience.

What differentiate us
Enhancing Courses

The Enhancing Courses are a series of extra-curricular courses that complement the knowledge provided by their academic path with practical and widely applicable skills.

Students will learn to understand their skills profile, cultivating a personal learning agenda and developing a set of knowledge and abilities useful for understanding the needs of businesses

Startup Mindset

We believe that the same skills and abilities that are essential for starting a startup, such as leadership, problem-solving, resilience, strategy, risk-taking, and continuous learning, are valuable in any career path.

Through a combination of theoretical and practical learning, students gain insights, methodology, and tools that can help them succeed as entrepreneurs and in any other profession.

Our study programs are ideal for those seeking to develop a versatile and comprehensive skill set.


Our faculty consists of experienced instructors with international expertise, including those in academia, management, startups, or consulting. Our partners are leaders in their respective industries, and our alumni are innovators in their workplaces.

To provide our students with the best opportunities to connect with our community, we’ve created a unique 360-degree learning experience where learning occurs through continuous interaction and knowledge exchange with guest speakers and prominent figures. This includes group projects, case studies, challenges, hackathons, events, networking opportunities, and inspirational talks.

Career outcomes
Job on Campus
At H-FARM College, students can seize various ‘LEARNING ON THE JOB’ opportunities to enhance their employability and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, contributing to their overall success

Numerous ‘JOB ON CAMPUS‘ positions are available at H-FARM College, offering students opportunities to challenge themselves, develop valuable skills, and earn income during their university years (examples of open positions include library supervisor, student tutor, operational assistant, etc.). Students can also apply to join the LUMINA team, an agency organized like a consulting firm, designed to give students hands-on experience in consultancy activities. Within this setup, professionals and faculty members from H-FARM College act as mentors, supporting the development of the students’ entrepreneurial mindset. Additionally, students may be selected to join the FARMEDIA team, a media agency that allows students to engage in activities typical of the digital communication world.

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