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5 ways to get in touch

Whether you’re considering your future university path or already have a degree and want to continue your studies, we want to provide you with all the options to connect with us and gather information about our courses.

We offer 5 different methods, depending on your needs, to support you and provide all the necessary elements for making an informed decision about your future.

The first step to get to know us is to participate in an Open Day.

Choose Bachelor’s Degrees or Master’s Degrees to register for upcoming online events.

Select Open College for the next in-person event.

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Have you already downloaded the brochure?

To assist you in choosing the course aligned with your prospects, we invite you to download program brochures.

Inside, you’ll find all the details on the curriculum, admission requirements, costs, and benefits.

If you’re not yet familiar with our educational offerings, download a brochure first

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Each option is designed to meet your needs:

Choose the one that suits you best

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