The Challenges provide a perfect opportunity for students to challenge themselves with real business cases and to put into practice the theoretical notions acquired in the classroom. Starting from a challenge presented by a company, students work in teams to develop an original and unique response to the challenge, which is then presented through a final pitch that usually takes place at the company headquarters. An internal company jury decides which project best responds to the challenge in question and rewards the winning team.

The “Powered Challenge”, on the other hand, consists of a subsequent step, i.e. the actual implementation of the winning idea of ​​the challenge.
Once the project proposals have been received, the company will be able to decide whether to implement the idea internally or in H-FARM.

In this second case, the team of winning students, helped by professors and experts in the sector, works on the project’s implementation. Depending on the area of ​​expertise, this activity can be developed by Lumina, the consultancy agency of H-FARM College, or within the Entrepreneurship & Startup Center.

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