FutureShots 2023

FutureShots 2023

The fifth edition returns, from 6th to 10th June: five days to discover future trends and innovations in a unique setting!

FutureShots is a theatre for discussion and debate on the most topical issues and aims to inspire and inform on the opportunities generated by digital transformation and future trends.

The fifth edition will take place over 5 days, touching on major issues that have left their mark on the past, are shaping the present and will change our future. In an informal setting that invites sharing and participation, we will talk about artificial intelligence, metaverse, eSports and gaming, human evolution, education, blockchain, sustainability and much more.

4 THEMATIC DAYS: From Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 June, we will be waiting for you from 14:30 to investigate how innovation is changing the economy and society in which we live and to design together the future that awaits us. Through talks, focus on professions of the future, chats with MetaHuman and artificial intelligence and a thematic startup battle, we will touch on 4 major topics:

  • ROBOTICS (Tuesday, 6 June) | Today, science and industry are facing a momentous challenge, that of developing autonomous systems and collaborative robots. Robotics is understood as the intelligent connection between perception and action: the next frontier of artificial intelligence. 
  • SPACE (Wednesday, 7 June) | Man has always been driven by the desire to discover new worlds and explore the unknown. Can understanding how Space has a positive impact on our daily lives change our point of view? 
  • GREEN EVOLUTION (Thursday 8 June) | Flexibility, efficiency, integration, clean technologies, safety, accessibility and social benefits are its key values. From transport to agri-tech, from architecture to fashion, through all the new technologies… This is the future today, but where will it take us?
  • WEB3 (Friday, 9 June) | In recent times, industries have realised the profound usefulness of the virtual world. With key issues such as decentralisation and media ownership and diverse opportunities, this new reality represents the golden age of new content creators and artists.

1 DAY ONLY IN H-FARM: On Saturday 10 June, enter a unique world of digital inspiration and contamination. With a panorama of personalities including creators, artists, eSports players, influential people and unforgettable experiences, we will talk about different topics on future and innovation in a more pop and smart way.

For more information visit https://futureshots.h-farm.com/

FutureShots involves young people, companies, brands and entrepreneurs who want to be an active part of the digital transformation and who wish to establish an active dialogue with the community involved in Europe's largest innovation hub.

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